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I know I'm not the only one out there that can't stop thinking about yesterday.  Bare with me as I unleash my thoughts.

While we'll probably never know for sure, I doubt that the bombings were targeted at runners.  I'm a rational human being and I can not fathom a reason why anyone, even terrorists, would target runners.  Realistically, these acts were to strike fear in the hearts of Americans, to disrupt a celebration of the human spirit.

But why runners?

I know that there will always be exceptions to the rule, but more often than not, runners are a peaceful bunch.  We cheer each other on through PR's and PW's.  We stop mid race to help a fallen runner.  We offer Gu or water to someone struggling beside us.  Virtual strangers offer to pace us when we think we aren't ready for our best (more on this at a later, more appropriate time).

Ask a runner for advice on how to get started running and you'll probably end up with a new running partner.  That runner will coach you to your first race and run side by side with you until you cross that finish line.  Your joy will be their joy.  

These acts of terror might not have been targeted at runners, but they chose the wrong community to mess with.  I've been moved to tears by how runners have responded.  It might be in horrific circumstances, but never have I been more proud to call myself a runner.  

Will I continue to race?  


See y'all at the finish line.

Runners across the world have been wearing race shirts and/or blue and yellow (Boston Marathon colors) today to show support.  I chose to wear a shirt from my last half marathon.  It was an inaugural race and I was so proud to run it.  I was also so proud to have my daughters and parents at the finish line to witness me reach my goal time and beat it by almost 6 minutes.  



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