Things I'm loving Thursday

Ever since Al Gore created the internets millions of years ago, my life has changed. I mean, online shopping? YouTube? Ecards?

So here's what I'm loving on the internets this week: is an awesome website full of great deals on stuff that runners and other fitness enthusiasts need.  I recently got some great Oiselle shirts from the site.  Right now they have my favorite long run fuel, Honey Stinger Chews, at a great price.  You better believe I stocked up on these bad boys:

Do me a favor, if you decide to buy anything, sign up under this link:

You're Invited!

Full Disclosure:  I'll get a $15 credit.  The Clymb owes me nothing for this.  Just a nice heads up from me to you.

Oh Lululemon, you kill me. Everytime I think I'm over you, you send me an email showing me the cutest crap. Why?! Who doesn't need another running skirt? 

RUN:Breeze By Skirt
Breeze By Skirt

And although Luluaddict isn't keen on this tank, I'm loving it.

RUN:Silver Lining Tank
Silver Lining Tank

'Nuff said.  Isn't this what racing is all about?

Catching Fire. Eeks. I'm so excited and we still have 7 months to go.  I think that will give me plenty of time to re-read the books.  I feel like I know what all the Twilight diehards felt like!  I watched the MTV Movie Awards on Sunday just to watch this trailer but thanks to YouTube, I've watched it over and over again this week!  

Can we say:  Psycho?

What are YOU loving this week?

Are you a Hunger Games freak?

Favorite fuel for long runs?