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My Personal Best + Race Pics

I want to write a separate post about this, but I kind of registered for my first full marathon. I've committed to running 26.2 miles.

I'm not even the least bit nervous about it.

Obviously I've obsessively researched different training plans. Because of the success I've had with Hal Higdon, I've decided to use one of his plans. I really love having a plan and schedule to follow, so I've decided to use his Personal Best marathon plan. This combines 2 plans into one and includes speed work and hill repeats. It looks completely reasonable which is the most important thing to me when deciding on a plan.

No plan will work unless you follow it, and let's face it, I don't have the most time in the world to dedicate to training.

I counted out the weeks (4 times) and tomorrow is the day. I've written out the schedule for the next 30 weeks and here's what I've got going on for the rest of May:

I'm so excited to get started. I'm planning to update weekly how my training is going so pester me if you don't see it.

To help keep me motivated, here are some official pics from the Zero Prostate Cancer half. I'm not going to sugar coat it. I'm seriously not impressed with how flabby my arms and legs look. I'm hoping my training will help tone me up!

Rocking my Tough Chik top and Sweat Pink laces

Willing Jennifer through the last bit

My MRTT Mommies!  Me, Jennifer, Rachel, and Marley

I seriously love this picture.  

"And everybody's hands go up!  And they stay there!"

I smiled a lot during this race 

Surrender to the Flow

What I Ate Wednesday #17