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The Crud

It all started out pretty innocently.

I discovered something cool and made a video for y'all about it:

But then things progressed.

And I was officially out.

I've been sidelined all weekend with 


I've missed three runs because of this disaster and I'm not happy.  A 3 miler, 30 minute tempo, and 6 miler are in the garbage.  I know it's not the end of the world as I'm not in a real training mode yet but I'm still bummed because things had been going well up until Thursday.

On Monday I had a lovely 3 mile run.  Pace was good and I felt good.  Belle was super proud of me after my run:

On Tuesday I had another easy 3 miler although the heat made it feel a little less than easy.  It was the first super hot run of the season for me and made me remember that I need to wake up early to run in the summer.  It might also have had something to do with the Crud that was entering my body.

Lululemon Tame Me Tank, Oiselle Bum Wrap, and Brooks Pure Flows (plus a pile of other Brooks shoes)

Look at how tiny the moon is in the upper left corner.  It's so cute.

I also did some work with my new Power Bands when I got home.  My hips have been a trouble spot for me so I'm trying to strengthen them.  If you have any suggestions of exercises to do with my bands, let me know!

On Wednesday I tackled hill repeats.  This was the first time I tried hill repeats and it wasn't easy.  I also might have pushed the hill a little too hard as I saw a 7:xx peeking at me on my watch.  I think I'm going to try and slow it down a little next week!

And that was it for the week.  The illness hit and I was done.  

Here's to hoping for a healthier week!

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