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My Garden and This Week's Workouts

I hate to do combo posts unless they are somewhat related topics.  Unfortunately, my garden and running aren't quite related.  Except when my garden produces lots of freggies, it will help sustain my nutrition for running.  


I knew I could come up with a connection somehow.

In case you forgot, click here to see where we started with the gardens.  It's basically been a month since I planted the seedlings, and I'm pretty sure you are about to be amazed with their growth.  I believe the secret to garden growth is talking to the plants.  I wish I was kidding, but I like to have little chats with my plants.  You know, encourage them with their growth.  

"You go girl.  Look at you growing."

"My what gorgeous stems you have."

"Those are some big balls of tomatoes you've got going on."

"I can't wait to eatcha!"

No I'm not really psycho.  Maybe a little, but check out these one month pictures:

Pickling Cucumbers in the back, Cherry tomatoes in the front

Regular Cucumbers in the back, Regular tomatoes in the front

Regular cucumbers and Japanese Cucumbers in the back, Regular tomatoes and Roma Tomatoes in the front


Squash, Zucchini, Blueberries, Sweet Potatoes, Watermelon, Cantaloupe

Cherry Tomatoes

Roma Tomatoes

Regular Tomatoes

Pepper buds

Pickling Cucumbers

This week I pretty much nailed it.  With the exception of my hill repeats, I did everything I hoped to accomplish from last week's post:

Monday:  3 miles
Tuesday:  4 miles plus core and clamshells
Wednesday:  1 mile
Thursday:  1 mile
Friday:  30 minute fartlek plus core
Saturday:  3 miles
Sunday:  5k plus 4 miles = 7.1 miles

22 miles, not too shabby!

Here's what I have planned for this week:

Monday:  3 miles plus arms and abs
Tuesday:  5 miles plus core
Wednesday:  4-5x hill repeats
Thursday:  1 mile for speed plus legs
Friday: 3 miles
Saturday:  35 minute tempo (or possible a 5k?)
Sunday:  8 miles

Thank you for all of the encouragement last week!  Let's all have a great week and work hard!

What garden veggie would you like the most in a salad?

Are you racing any time soon?

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