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National Running Day

Happy National Running Day! Today is they day to celebrate our love for running and all the wonderful things it has brought into our lives.

You can go Here to make your own badge!

Being a mommy to girls, it is so important to me to be a good role model for them. I never had body image issues growing up.  I was extremely active in gymnastics, plus I had parents who made sure I knew I was beautiful.  I was lucky.  

There are so many women and little girls that are not as lucky.  I pray that my girls will not fall into this category.  I believe it is up to me to set a healthy example for them.  They ask me every morning if I have run and scold me when I haven't.  It may seem like nothing, but I feel like I am instilling in them the importance of exercise and the self confidence it can bring.

And so I run.

And maybe sometimes I run to not go crazy.  Let's be real, those faces may look sweet but they are always up to something (like raiding my drawers and putting on my running clothes).

Why do YOU run?

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