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Weekly Workout Recap

Hey y'all!  I hope last week was a successful week in your workout worlds!  I neglected my bloggy blog a little bit, but I did get some great workouts done!  I'm also happy to report that I'm still streaking!  Today was actually Day 30 so I have 9 more days to go.  Will I stop on July 4th?  Or will I keep going....

I also started Tina's boot camp this week!  I did all 3 workouts and definitely felt some soreness in my butt region.  I did the beginner workouts and I think I'll be stepping it up to the regular workouts this week since I think I need a little more challenge.

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We were supposed to set 2 goals for ourselves for the week and mine were to eat 9 servings of fruits and veggies daily and to HYDRATE.  I did pretty good on most days.  I haven't decided what my goals will be for this week but I'm pretty sure hydrating will be a repeated goal due to the insane heat and humidity here.

Oh, I think no candy will be the other goal.  I have major issues here.

So here's how last week ended up:

Monday:  2.4 miles (run cut short due to rain) + Workout A
Tuesday:  5x hill repeats
Wednesday:  1 mile speed test 
Thursday:  1 mile + Workout B
Friday:  5 miles
Saturday:  3 miles
Sunday:  1 mile + Workout C

And here's what I have planned for this week:

I've really been doing horrible job at getting the Sunday long runs done.  So if I don't get any of the other runs in, I WILL get that "long" run done.  For realz.

Have a great week and Work Hard!

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