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Weekly Workout Wrap-up

Wow.  I have totally sucked at blogging this week.  We had a busy week with the girls at ballet camp, work, running, and well, just living.  I'm hoping to have more for you this week, including an awesome giveaway.

Or two.

My streak is alive and well!  Today was day 35, and technically, I only have 4 more days.  Four more days and I'll have a cool badge to display on the side bar of my blog.  But I don't want to stop.  I love knowing I GET to run daily.  Even on those days that I just run a mile.  There are some people that can't run a mile, and those days, I think about them.  Sure, some days I'm achy and sore and wonder if it's smart to run.  But I start running and I go through my mental check list:

1.  Gait is the same.
2.  Soreness decreases as I run.
3.  You can stop if you want.

As long as I pass my mental test, then I know I can keep streaking.  I'm also still killing it with Tina's Best Body Bootcamp.  I've never really enjoyed strength training until now.  She is so creative with our workouts and while I feel really challenged, I also am having fun.  Even though I'm only 2 weeks in, I feel like I'm seeing some changes in my body.  

Here's how my week ended up:

Monday:  3 miles
Tuesday:  5 miles
Wednesday:  4 x 200 (ran out of time, was supposed to do 8), with 1/2 mile warm up and recovery run in between intervals
Thursday:  1 mile speed (8:35!)
Friday:  3 miles + Workout B
Saturday:  7 miles
Sunday:  2 mile Fartlek + Workout A

And here's what I have planned for this week:

Also, I'm excited to say that I ended up with 80 miles for the month of June!

Have a good week from all of us!  

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