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Happy Independence Day!

And a special thank you to all those who have fought or continue to fight for our freedom.  

1.  I did it.  I finished the Runner's World Run Streak today.  That would be 39 days of running at least a mile, from Memorial Day until today, July 4th.  I annoyed y'all with pictures of my gorgeous   sweaty runner face for 39 days.  I'm considering continuing the streak, although my husband has asked me to stop to avoid injury.  Eh, I guess I'll decide tomorrow. Nonetheless, if I'm counting correctly, I ran approximately 115 miles in those 39 days.  I'm one happy runner.  
Thank you PavementRunner for the badge!
2.  Y'all might have seen last night on Instagram (@mommiesruncecilia) that I'm retiring my old Brooks Glycerin 10's.  What I haven't told y'all is that my friends at KindRunner have hooked me up with a new pair of shoes.  I mean I'm paying for them, but they have ordered me a pair of shoes that they don't normally stock!  How is that for customer service?  I'm changing it up a little bit here, and I'm so excited about it.  I'll save the announcement for when the shoes arrive but for now here's a hint:   #brilliantrun
R.I.P. Glycerins

3.  Yes Google Reader is gone.  I originally was using Feedly for all of my blog reading adventures but I recently switched to Bloglovin'.  Why?  It's so much easier to use.  I love the app and how I can just keep scrolling down to the next blog.  It was a huge pain transferring all the blogs I read from Feedly to Bloglovin' and I lost a lot of posts I hadn't gotten to read, so I'm sorry if I miss out on any of y'all's exciting news.  I'm hoping Bloglovin' will help me keep up with blog reading better and let me comment more on my favorite blogs!  There's also this handy link where you can go to follow my blog too!

Follow my blog with Bloglovin

4.  There's only one more day to enter my super awesome giveaway for a pair of Pro Compression socks!  It's really easy to enter.  I really want to give all of you a pair of these socks but let's face it, raising 4 year old twins isn't cheap.  Therefore, the awesome people at Pro Compression have given all of you a code that you can use to get FORTY PERCENT OFF a pair of marathon socks!


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How are you enjoying the 4th?
Did you run or race today?
Favorite color:  Red, White, or Blue?

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