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I'm a pharmacist (in case you forgot), and pharmacists tend to possess certain traits. We tend to be OCD, controlling, and creatures of habit.

I am none of these things. I tend to be a free spirit, I go with the flow, and I get lost in my own thoughts. Weird, right?

One thing I do need, like most pharmacists, is order. And clearly this little blog of mine is lacking order.

Therefore, I am proposing a schedule (to be used loosely) for my blog posts. Please let me know what you think, and if you have any suggestions let me hear them!

Monday: MommiesRun Monday, This post will be devoted to the other Mommies who Run out there! Maybe you'll guest post, maybe I'll interview you. Who knows?

Tuesday: This will be devoted to race recaps, run recaps, any other random things I choose to talk about.

Wednesday: WIAW

Thursday: Thursday's Three, Another day for 3 random things I feel like telling y'all.

Friday: Phone Dump Friday, a day to unload my pictures of my life on y'all.

Saturday: Saturday Shares, I'll share blog posts, recipes, and other interesting finds I think y'all might like.

Sunday: Weekly Workout Wrap up

Thoughts?  Anything you'd rather read?

Weekly workout wrap up

Spirit of the Marathon II