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I figured since this is the inaugural MommiesRun Monday I would feature me! I realized I've never really discussed my journey to becoming a runner. So here it goes...

A couple of years ago I realized my body had changed significantly since having twins. Sure, I got rid of the baby weight no problem, but I was what I'll call "skinny fat". In other words, I was flabby and unhealthy (mentally and physically).

I was never much for exercise and I definitely didn't think I'd be a good runner. Years of gymnastics had left me with tears in the cartilage in my knees. However, I felt like running was something that would help me clear my head and tone my body. I started Couch to 5k and before I knew it I was recruiting my techs to run a 5k with me!

I love these people.  Ben has since lost a TON of weight through swimming, Jaclyn is running and weight training, Allison is still playing soccer, and Emily just recently got married!
Unfortunately the running bug didn't completely bite me at that point. I ran off and on throughout that fall and winter. It wasn't until the next spring that I really got into running. I randomly decided to run a half marathon and registered for our running club's road race series. 


The road race series was really what hooked me. I learned that I was a runner. I wasn't the fastest and I never will be. But I loved the community and the relationships that I was forming. 


Now I'm about to start training for my first full marathon. My training has evolved into speed work and hill repeats. I can't imagine my life without running. Some of my best friends right now are in my life because of running.  They are people that I can talk to about anything.  (Seriously, you should see some of our group messages)

I've also become "the runner".  My patients ask me about my running and training.  My clinical coordinator comes in and says, "Hey MommiesRun". (Hi Cindy!).  I have 3, yes 3, of my employees running the St. Jude Half Marathon this year!  Running has become a huge part of my life and it is becoming contagious.

And I couldn't be prouder.

How has running changed your life?

How long have you been running?

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