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Because the title of my blog is MommiesRun, I feel like I'm allowed to discuss other things besides health and fitness, such as my beautiful little girls, Lexi and Lyla.  After all, they are the reason I am a Mommy.  So, if you aren't into kids, this isn't the post for you.  

Yesterday I was off which meant I got to spend the whole day with my lovelies.  After being at work the previous 2 days, I was really excited to have some family time.  On Thursday night the girls had requested I take them for frozen yogurt.  That is a request I will ALWAYS oblige.  

We started out the day swimming and catching some rays.  We then got dressed and hit the road for some Yolo.  I'm a huge proponent of eating locally and Yolo is a local frozen yogurt joint.  It's actually owned by some guys that went to my high school so I try and take the girls there when we want yogurt.  

For the record, another reason why I really like Yolo is because they have Snickers as a topping.  I got chocolate and vanilla yogurt with HeathBar, Butterfingers, and Snickers.  Holy yum.  Lyla got vanilla with sprinkles, and Lexi got strawberry with sprinkles, chocolate covered waffle cone, and HeathBar.  They both always steal bites of mine.  Little turds.

We live in a suburb of Memphis known as Collierville.  It's a super cute little town and we have the cutest town square ever.  Yolo is on the square, so we took a walk around the square after we were done.

In the middle of the square is a big stage where the girls love to go put on "shows".  They will dance and sing for anybody that's sitting out there.  They also love to pick the flowers, even though I always tell them to leave them alone.

I love people watching, and the square is always a great place for that.  It's easy to strike up a conversation with a stranger, especially with Lexi and Lyla around.  They're so friendly and they make friends wherever they go.  Right now, the girls love having their picture taken and they kept finding places to pose for me to take their pictures.

After all that walking and posing, I needed a drink.  Luckily there is a super cute coffee shop on the square called Square Beans so that I could get an iced coffee.  Because it was a fun day, I got the girls some cookies, even though they had just had some frozen yogurt.

The square has some historical landmarks in addition to cute shops, like this old shack that used to be a rest stop back in the 1800's.  

I tried to capture the square in a panoramic picture but it didn't turn out that great:

When we got home, we picked some veggies from our garden.  We are set with cucumbers so we walked some down to our friends, Ben and Laura.  The girls decided to do a mini Fartlek workout on the way so we got a nice run in :)

Josh had been over at his friend, Aaron's, helping him do some manly stuff.  When he got home, he was hungry so we decided to go get some Mexican.  We ended up going to our favorite local Mexican restaurant, La Perla Tapatia.  When I was pregnant with the girls, we ate there about once a week.  The funny thing is, the same people still work there, 4.5 years later.  Lexi even managed to take a picture of our server who waited on us all the time back then.  

So where did my title of this post come from?  That would be from the frozen yogurt that we had to get for dessert.  Who are we to deny Lexi and Lyla 2 trips for frozen yogurt in one day?

It's not easy being a working mom.  I get behind on laundry, dishes, and cleaning in general.  There might be little girl panties hanging off my treadmill.  You might find toys on the stairs.  

But I will always take my girls for frozen yogurt.

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