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What I Ate Wednesday #22

Hola!  I'm back with another edition of WIAW.  I've taken off the past few weeks mostly because I've forgotten to take pictures of my grub.  But lucky you....I remembered today!  As always,  please go by Peas and Crayons and see all the other yummy WIAW posts!

I started my morning with one of my favorite quick breakfasts:  A whole wheat English muffin with my microwaved egg whites and cheese.  And coffee.  Always coffee.  Just to remind you, here's how I do my microwaved egg whites:

1.  Spray a coffee mug with non stick spray (I use coconut oil spray).
2.  Pour in some egg whites.  I get the jug and just pour it till the mug is about 1/3 full.
3.  Sprinkle some salt and pepper.
4.  Microwave 45 seconds then stir.
5.  Microwave another 30-45 seconds.
6.  Enjoy!

Can't be easier.

More coffee.  There can never be enough coffee.  I drinks all the coffee.  

Well, here's a reminder that I'm not a food blogger.  I seriously can't stop laughing at this picture.  I bet if I didn't tell you what this was, you'd never be able to guess.  Do me a favor and leave me a comment letting me know what you thought this was before you read what it actually is.  

Ok, it's spaghetti squash, chicken and apple sausage, tomatoes and jalapenos from my garden, and avocado.  It is amazing.  I wish the picture would capture the deliciousness but you'll just have to trust me.  

Here's my first afternoon snack.  An apple and clementine.  I just can't get enough of these 2 fruits.  My clementine froze a little in the fridge at work but it still tasted pretty amazing.  

Oh yes.  This my friends is the best snack you could ever eat.  It is a chocolate chip cookie dough Quest Bar topped with this:

If you have not jumped on the Quest Bar bandwagon, please hurry.  They are ridiculous.  You deserve a delicious, crap free protein bar.  And that coconut and peanut spread?  Um, put it away as soon as you spread it otherwise you might be eating it by the spoonful.

Wow, maybe I could be a food blogger.  This picture is pretty snazzy.  If any of my old college buddies are reading this they would tell you that this was a daily meal for me back then.  I love me some black beans and rice.  I topped it with some cheddar and salsa and then I chowed down.  I'm saving some of the beans to eat with some spaghetti squash tomorrow!  

And that's it for the day!  I hope y'all ate well and nourished your gorgeous bodies!

So what did you think my lunch was at first?


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