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Who I Run 4

A few weeks ago, Emma @ A Mom Runs This Town shared an awesome website, Who I Run 4.  

In a nutshell, Tim Boyle founded the website and group to honor his friend, Michael, who has Down Syndrome and hip dysplasia and is unable to run.  He dedicates all of his runs to Michael.  

As soon as I read about this group, I knew I had to join.  It is so easy to sign up:

  1. Join the facebook group I Run For Michael at: https://www.facebook.com/groups/irunformichael
  2. Add a friend request to Tim (founder) and Kim (matchmaker) so they can contact you to connect you with someone!!
  3. Fill out one of the two forms below to be matched
    • If you are a runner and want to be matched with someone please CLICK HERE and fill out the form.
    • If you would like for your special needs child/adult to be matched with a runner CLICK HERE and fill out the form.
  4. Wait PATIENTLY as we make the matches!! It could take up to a few weeks so please just hang out in our awesome facebook group until you are contacted with a match!!
Once I followed the above steps, it took a couple weeks until I got my match.  Of course I was a little impatient, but now I understand that there are TONS of people signing up daily to take part in this amazing group!  
So now I'm excited to tell you about my buddy that I am running for.  His name is Jordan and he is 3 and 1/2 years old.  His mom, Danielle, is an amazing woman and told me all about his diagnoses, as well as allowing me to share them with y'all.  When Jordan was 18 months old he was diagnosed with a rare brain malformation called bilateral perisylvian polymicrogyria.  It causes cerebral palsy, as well as speech and swallowing difficulties.  He was also recently diagnosed with epilepsy.  Danielle said that his speech is improving but he communicates primarily with ASL.  He loves all the things that boys love like bugs, alligators, sharks, and snakes!  I recently asked him what his favorite color is, and he changed his mind a few times, but I think he likes blue a lot!

Everytime I run, I think about Jordan.  I'm so excited to get home and post on the FB group page letting him know the miles I logged for him.  I'm running for him, but he motivates me too.  Yesterday, I had a tough run.  My head and heart weren't in it.  But then I reminded myself that I was running for Jordan, and I toughed it out.  I knew I couldn't give up on him.  
I'm planning on getting some shirts made soon that will say "I Run 4 Jordan".  It's a nice reminder that running isn't all about me.  When the run gets tough, there are people out there that would give anything to be running.  We need to be running for them.
I highly recommend joining this group!  I've gotten so much out of my short time with Jordan.  There is nothing like having Danielle tell me that my miles made Jordan smile.
Do you dedicate your miles to anyone?

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