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iPhone Photo Dump Friday!

Lexi drew this picture.  She said it was her and me eating frozen yogurt.  I'm thinking I couldn't love that kid any more than I do.  She just melts my heart.

Lately their picture taking stance is hands on the hips.  Can someone please give me back my four year olds?


Here's that self serve iced coffee at Panera that I was telling y'all about.  I wonder if I could move in there?

My little precious Lyla.  Her first words to me this morning were, "I love you so much Mommy."  She snuck into my bed super early this morning because she knew I was off today.  Love my girl.

I got a good speed workout in on Wednesday on the treadmill.  I wanted to do 8 x 200 but I just didn't have those last 2 in me.  

I'm not sure that there is a more perfect shoe for speed work.  Thank you Mizuno for creating these masterpieces!  I love you Wave Sayonara!

This is the sky that kept me from doing my speed work outside.  Pretty ominous!

Picked these up the other day.  It took me a little bit to decide whether I liked them or not.  I do not.  The "coffee" flavoring is too chemical-y tasting to me.  Yes, I made up that word.

I can't get enough peaches lately.  I've been eating them pretty much every day.

I listened to Robin Thicke's new album this week.  Obviously I'm in love with "Blurred Lines", but this song was pretty good too.

Apparently Mommy's day off equals frozen yogurt day.

My in-laws got a new puppy!  Meet Tucker!  He's a Jack Russell and he is so cute.  Josh and the girls actually drove to pick him up.  It's a good thing I wasn't there because we'd probably have ended up with ANOTHER puppy.  

If you don't know, now you know.  

Tell me about the last picture in your photo album!

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