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MommiesRun Monday: Most Embarrassing MOMents

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I am SO excited about today's MommiesRun Monday topic.  I put out a request to my MRTT friends to see if anybody wanted to write something this week.  My favorite nutballs responded and together we came up with "our most embarassing moments".  I'm going to warn you....this may be considered TMI.  But I always want to be honest and upfront with y'all, and some of the things we're going to discuss are legitimate mommy runner concerns!  


I'll subject you to my awesomeness first.  I'm definitely what you'd call a "farty runner".  I used to dread running with other people because of this, but now I'm so comfortable with myself that I just warn those around me.  This is not embarrassing to me at all any more.  However, peeing my pants is a little embarrassing, and I've done it twice.  Last winter I had finished a semi-long run but I ended up farther away from home than I wanted.  I pee-pee danced around for a little until I realized I had no choice.  So I let it rip.  I was wearing running tights so it honestly wasn't that big of a deal, except it was kind of cold.  Pee Pee incident number two happened this summer.  I was running the Greenway and I had apparently overhydrated myself because I found myself really needing to pee.  I knew the public restroom was about 2 miles away from where I was so I picked up the pace.  Unfortunately with every step I had to pee more and more.  So I found a bench, sat down, and peed right in my nice Lululemon running skirt.  I then doused myself with water and carried on.  I'm what you'd call, a class act.

I mean I can't really narrow it down...at this point I don't get embarrassed much. ;-) I've fallen face first as in SAFE umpire style on multiple occasions and pregnant in one of those instances. In another example :-) I was also pregnant (didn't fall don't worry) I...let's just say I got too far away from an available potty...I pooped all over myself. :-( I had to clean up the bathroom when I was finished too. I don't even remember how I got out of there because I'm pretty sure I threw the shorts and socks away immediately. I take precautions now for the most part. ;-)

I was very excited to be running the Country Music 1/2 in Nashville during my first trimester! I had just done the Rock n' Roll Dallas 1/2 marathon a month before and was feeling very accomplished. Well unfortunately for most it was POURING down rain during the entire Nashville 1/2 but I was incredibly grateful, at first because it kept me cool but then later for another reason. I had been drinking quite a bit of water to stay hydrated and had made it to about the 8th mile and then it hit me and I needed to pee! Every port-a-potty had a huge line... Finally I made it to one that only had a few people and after waiting I went in and my nausea kicked in and I could not stay in there! So I continued running until I couldn't stand it and just decided to let it flow. I could not be more thankful for the rain that day! I think the most embarrassing part for me was explaining what happened to my husband after I finished my race! 

We are Nikki and Kristin, we are running buddies with no boundaries we discuss our issues with our bodies while talking about potty training and busting out sweaty miles.
Nikki:  underpants - wear them!  I get horrible yeast infections.  The last two required anti fungal treatment and Monistat did not help!!  I do not care about panty lines.
Kristin: I can't stand them, they are uncomfortable, they get sweaty, they chafe in areas that make walking awkward post run!

Nikki: Peeing and farting - yep!  Been there done it!  My 2 kiddos have taken a toll on this body, especially my bladder so laughing, sneezing, coughing and now running causes dribbles.  You can imagine what happens when I laugh, cough and run at same time!  Peeing causes me to wear dark colors below belt.
Kristin:  We actually talk about peeing a lot! Three kids later and I have the same dribble incidents! Jumping motions are the worst :  When jumping rope I pee on myself the whole time (always wear compression pants at Crossfit when I know the WOD has jump rope in it).  I even recently bought Tide Active detergent withFebreeze to get the nasty pee/sweat funk out of my clothes.
Most embarassing stories:
Nikki:  I've started my period while running.  Another reason to wear dark colors.
Kristi:  I too started my period while running mile marker 7 of my first half marathon! But probably my worst was I have a sensitive stomach so I absorb food and sugar sensitively.  While running with 2 Momma friends from one their houses, I got the bubble tummy and had runner trots through the Greenline. I barely made it back to the one lady's house to use the restroom, slightly embarrassed for the things I did to that toilet after our first run together! 

Wow.  I'm so happy I'm not the only one with embarrassing potty moments.  Please help me thank my wonderful friends for sharing these incredibly honest recounts of embarrassing runs.  We're all human, and let's face it, Shit Happens.
 So you know I have to ask, what's your most embarrassing running moment?

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