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Today I have 3 very random things to share with y'all. They have nothing to do with each other but that's ok. You're going to love all 3 things. I just know it.

1. Have y'all ever heard of Alex and Ani jewelry? I'm obsessed and I don't even own any of it. The other day Dorothy at Mile Posts instagrammed this:http://cdn.alexandani.com/media/catalog/product/cache/1/image/9df78eab33525d08d6e5fb8d27136e95/a/0/a09eb130rs_2.jpg

I loved it instantly but what's more is I loved what she had to say about the meaning behind it for her. I could use that daily reminder. 

2. I made this quinoa recipe the other day to go with some oven baked chicken fajitas. It was so delicious. I think I'd like to try using a chunky salsa next time instead of diced tomatoes. Also, I used red quinoa and it turned out great.  You should totally try it!


 3. So you might have caught on by now but I'm running a marathon.  I'm really excited to be back running the St. Jude Marathon on December 7th.  You might remember that I ran the half last year.  I can't believe that I am actually running the full this year.  It gets real on Monday as training starts.  Like last year, I registered as a St. Jude Hero, which means I'm fundraising for St. Jude.  I'm super close to my goal of $500 but I'd love to crush that goal.  

You know I have to ask you to donate.  A dollar, five dollars, ten dollars...whatever.  Your money is going to a hospital that does not charge their patients one single penny.  No child is ever turned away.  

I received this training shirt in the mail today to remind me that my training is part of something so much bigger.  Children's lives are saved on a daily basis because of this hospital and WE can play a part in that!

Now it's your turn...

Tell me 3 random things going on in your life right now!

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