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Weekly Workout Wrap Up: Marathon Training Week 2

After the disaster of Week 1 of marathon training last week, I'm happy to report that this week was much better!  I did miss one run, but it was a 3 mile easy run so I really don't feel that bad.  Not that I want to make a habit out of that.  

We were blessed by some super cool weather here in Memphis this week.  It was great seeing so many positive posts about running outdoors on Facebook and Instagram.  I got a great confidence boost by seeing my paces drop thanks to the drop in temperature.  The weather even provided an unintentional tempo run!  My long run was nothing short of a #brilliantrun.  I felt strong and I truly enjoyed it.  

Here's how my week ended up:

Monday:  30 minute hill climb on the elliptical plus this strength workout:

Tuesday:  3 mile run

Wednesday:  Rest

Thursday:  Rest

Friday:  5 mile (tempo miles 3 and 4)

Saturday:  9.65 mile long run

Sunday:  5 mile (easy)

For this week, I've decided to throw in another day of strength training.  I'm going to tack it onto one of my easy runs.  Also, my "long run" this week is only 6 miles so I'll just be adding on a mile after my 5 mile race as part of the Road Race Series I'm participating in!

Alright peeps!  Let's go make this a great week!

What was your favorite workout last week?

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