Blogiversary GIVEAWAY!!!

One year ago today, MommiesRun was born. 

Surprise!  It's twins!  Oh wait, no it's just one blog.  Just kidding.

It started out as a joint effort to document our journey to 13.1, and now it is MY baby. A place for me to inspire, and be inspired. A year later, I'm now on a journey to 26.2! I've made friends and MommiesRun has grown more than I could have ever imagined! Because I'm so thankful for all of you who read all the random thoughts I have, I have some of my favorite things to giveaway! But first, you get to indulge me in a look back at some of my favorite posts!

September 2012:  The Blame Game {The one in which I recognize all the different excuses I can give for not running or having bad runs}

October 2012: What a Week(end) {The one where I show lots of pictures of my favorite places to run}

November 2012: Thinking Ahead {The one in which I discuss how important races can be to you}

December 2012: St. Jude Half Marathon Recap Part 2  {The one where I recognize that not achieving a goal does not equal failure}

January 2013: 2013 goals {The one where I set some crazy goals for myself}

February 2013: Race recap: Mississippi River Half {The one where I PR and achieve a goal, on a stress fracture}

March 2013: Introducing Belle {The one in which you get to meet the cutest Golden retriever ever}

April 2013:  Race Recap: FedEx Fairway 5k {The one where I made some amazing friends and came back from my stress fracture}

May 2013:  Crossfit and Streaking {The one where I felt amazingly strong}

June 2013:  My Garden and This Week's Workouts {The one in which I wave my Crazy Flag a little}

July 2013:  Pro Compression Review and Giveaway {The one where I have some fun with socks}

August 2013:  MommiesRun Monday: Most Embarassing MOMents  {The one with TMI and a lot of honesty}

September 2013: MommiesRun Monday: How Do I Do It? {The one where I prove it's possible to have it all}

Now for the giveaway!  I have a bunch of my favorite things all lined up to share with you!

2 people will win a sample pack of Quest Bars from Quest Nutrition

12 Flavor Sampler Pack
1 person will win a Motivational bracelet from Words to Sweat By

1 person will win a sample pack of Energy Bits

1 person will win socks from KindRunner


1 person will win a tube of Nuun

Cherry Limeade
2 people will win a pair of Pro Compression Trainer Low Socks

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Disclaimer: Quest Nutrition, Words To Sweat By, EnergyBits, and KindRunner have all been kind enough to donate their products for the giveaway.  I am not compensated in anyway by these companies, although I am an ambassador for EnergyBits and KindRunner.  The Nuun and ProCompression socks will be purchased by me.