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Guest Post: Brooke is Juiced Up from Juice Plus + GIVEAWAY

If you've been here from the beginning, you'll remember MommiesRun was started with my one of my BFF's, Brooke.  Don't worry, she's still around, but she's super busy with teaching, her family, her MANY obligations, CrossFit, and going to school herself!  She's back today and she's got a lot to tell y'all, plus she's hosting a giveaway!

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Athlete all my life. Love the challenge. Love team sports. Love getting better and stronger. I crave the sweat.

Something has changed.

I've had allergies since I was a child-shots, nasal sprays, inhalers, a decongestant every 12 hours-and sinus infections often. I'm allergic to everything outdoors and mostly everything indoors. 

Something has changed. 

I'm 34, married with a one year old boy Bennett Levi and a three year old Celia James. They are my sunshine and I live everyday trying to be a better person for them. This is my 10th year as a high school teacher. I have an undergraduate degree in Economics from the University of Texas, a Masters in Secondary Education from the University of Memphis and I'm currently working on an EdD from the University of Memphis which will enable me to be a principal if desired.

Something has changed.

Along with my athletic experience, I've always had an athletic build on my 5'4 body frame. I thought that that was a permanent fixture, unchangeable. I was active right before and during both of my pregnancies and bounced back well after Celia (my eldest), but being old-er after having Bennett, I was ready to do whatever it took not to make being a mother my excuse for being unhealthy and out of shape. I employed the help of a personal trainer and went full speed ahead. I was nursing for the first three months and could not keep up with demand so I had to stop. After six months I began (slowly) a Crossfit regimen and really enjoyed the challenge and encouraging atmosphere. I also began taking Juice Plus+ Garden and Orchard Blend capsules a couple of times a day...something changed.


I strongly believe that as a result of my Juice Plus+ regimen that I was able to finish losing the extra pounds AND further REshape my body. My body composition and build have changed. My sleep is better quality and naps aren't as necessary as a result of my body running more efficiently because of my cleaner diet and my Juice Plus+ capsules. I later began the Juice Plus+ drink mix in place of my regular whey protein shakes. The Juice Plus+ shakes have more nutrients but less protein. The cleaner diet I strongly believe is a result of the Juice Plus+ capsules encouraging my body to crave more nutrient-rich foods. The Juice Plus+ capsules also contribute to my ability for my muscles to recover faster and better after tough workouts in order for me to go again sooner. Last but not least, when I do get sick with whatever might come home with me from school or from my children, the duration is less as well as the severity. 

My children are also able to share in my Juice Plus+ experiences. Juice Plus+ has a gummy/chewable product that my kids LOVE. Celia calls it her vitamins and asks for them by name "fruits" AND "vegetables". It makes me so happy to know that no matter what she eats or doesn't eat during the day, she is being provided those necessary nutrients in the chewables. 

With all of that being said, I sincerely appreciate your reading my story. Take from it what you want. Ask me any questions. I may not know the answer, but I can get the answer for you. I really feel as if I have a diverse perspective and can give you honest answers. I want to inspire you to be healthier if nothing else but...I have a giveaway for you!!! 

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Disclaimer:  Brooke sells JuicePlus+, but I (Cecilia), am not being compensated in anyway by this post.  Brooke is funding the giveaway from her own pocket and JuicePlus+ is not providing any support.  All images of JuicePlus+ come directly from the website:  www.juiceplus.com.  

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