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MommiesRun Monday: How do I do it?

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Lately I've been asked how I'm balancing all the facets of my life: family, work, house, friends, and marathon training. Truth be told, my husband, Josh, does the vast majority of household chores. I (barely) keep up with the dishes, cooking, and laundry. I'm fortunate that he is willing to take care of so much while also taking care of our children. It makes my time home, away from work, somewhat easier.

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We're also extremely fortunate to have two sets of very involved grandparents. The girls get to spend a lot of time with them on the weekends which frees me up for training runs. I didn't get to have this relationship with my grandparents so it means a lot to me that they are able to spend so much time together.

I'm still not a pro at the balancing act of life. But I'd like to share some of my personal tips for doing it all:

1. Marry someone supportive: Seriously. Marriage is about team work and if your spouse doesn't support your passions and hobbies then there are going to be problems. I'm not saying go get a divorce stat, but I'm saying compromise is necessary. You want to go run? Make sure he has time for what he wants to do. It can work if you make it work.

2. Find a realistic training plan: There are so many training plans out there and it is critical to find one that suits your needs. Just because someone BQ's with a certain plan does not mean it will work for you. Please consider your family's needs when you pick a plan!

3. Plan your week: I used to be really into menu planning but I've gotten away from it. I need to get back with it because it can be a real time saver. Lately I've had problems keeping the girls busy social life together. I find that if I check all my calendars on Sunday night it helps me remember what all I've got going on.

4. Just Say No: This is something most of us really need to work on. The sooner you realize that it's okay to say no, the happier you'll be, I promise. You know what else goes along with this? Not giving a fuck. Sorry for the language but its the truth. When I stopped caring what other people thought, the easier my life got. Find your inner honey badger.

5. Spread it out: Don't save all your chores for one day. Do a little each day. I try to do a load of laundry everyday. It's a work in progress but it helps so that I'm not inundated on my day off.

6. Accept help: When the girls were newborns we were really stubborn about accepting help. If I could go back in time I would change that. If you have parents or family members that offer help, take it! They wouldn't offer if they didn't mean it! But make sure and let them know how grateful you are.

7. Laugh it off: Shit happens. You're going to mess up somewhere along the way. Maybe you'll forget an appointment, or maybe you'll forget that awesome lunch you prepared the day before. Don't freak out! Just laugh it off because you can't do anything about it now.

8.  Find Fit Friends:  I'm not saying ditch friends that don't like fitness, but make friends with people that do.  I have a great group of friends that run and I really feel like we keep each other motivated.  I also feel like I can be myself 100% with them.  I also recommend finding a friend that can put up with you during long runs, like my friend Debi.

9.  Recognize your "all":  Doing it all for me will be different from doing it all for you.  If my day consists of spending time with my family, running, and eating, that's good enough for me.  I don't need to watch TV or read a book.  Do I like those things?  Of course, but it's not important to me.  Make sure you know what is most important to you and make time for those things.

10.  Realize your worth:  You are an amazing person.  Just wanting to be the best you, makes you awesome in my book.  Make sure you know how great you are:  leave sticky notes, pat yourself on the back, order that Starbucks, whatever.  Just know that someone is inspired by you daily.

Do you have any tips on "doing it all"?

How do you reward yourself?

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