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MommiesRun Monday: Kristin

Each Monday I feature a different Mommy who Runs. We discuss different aspects of balancing motherhood, running, career, and health. If you are interested in being featured, please email me at mommiesrun@gmail.com

Today I am excited to allow my good friend, Kristin, to take over the blog.  She is a no nonsense Mommy that tells it like it is.  Kristin is the type of person that loves life and makes everyone around her comfortable.  She's an amazing athlete, mom, wife, and friend.  

I am Kristin. I am a runner, cross fitter, paleo eater, with celiac and some other autoimmune issues I won't allow to define me. I am also a wife to a beautiful man whom I adore, and I answer to mommy from 3 little girls. I also have my fur babies, Harley the pug, and Andy the lab, whom I am guilty of filling Instagram with pictures of.

I am also what you would call an "Overweight runner", my thighs are the reason for compression, and let me just tell you I am thankful for those after a long run!!! I love how cute my friends look in their ruffle butt running skirts, and one day maybe I'll wear one, but not today unless I want to spend the whole run or race picking the tights out of my crotch. I won't ever have a thigh gap. I honestly hate the Pinterest pin that says "do it for the thigh gap".  My legs can deadlift 210 lbs, can carry me 13.1 miles and I am okay with my strong trunks.

So where I am going with this ramble kinda rant?

Social Media can be a great way to connect with friends and family, also a great way to stay on track with training, and finding encouragement on whatever healthy journey you are taking. But, then you have those posts that leave you reeling in frustration and stepping away from the keyboard. I recently had one of those and it truly left my head spinning in a way that I had to remember one person's opinion does not, and will not ever define who I am or what I want to do. That person posted that overweight people should not run long distance… Here is my bluntly spoken thought: SHUT THE FUCK UP! I ran a 10k race with a friend on Valentine's Day, and in that race I met the most amazing man named Casey who started running in 2011 at his heaviest weight ever. He finished his first half marathon in 4:15 a year later, and then 77 pounds lighter he finished in 3:13. This man has gone on to run a triathlon, he has lost almost 100 lbs and has made other goals to push forward to. He can be seen at most area races in Memphis and is one of the most courageous and influential people I have ever gotten to meet. I am thankful for the faith Casey has to register for a race and go run and never think of someone else’s ignorant thoughts.

I am thankful for the run coaching I received from Marsha (certified RRCA) and the volunteers who paced through Fleet Feet run coaching.  No one ever put down our pace time or struggles with hills, instead my Monday and Wednesday night runs were filled with talking and laughing and encouragement of how far we had came or how we could keep going without taking the walk break. So when I allow some anger from the “overweight runners” comment to creep into my mind, I remember Casey, and I remember Marsha and then I shake my fat ass another mile since I am training for St Jude half marathon.

Somedays it is best to hit unlike, unfriend and move on to believing unicorns shit rainbows.

Thank You Cecilia for your blog filled with inspiration and determination of your journey and we can’t wait to see you conquer 26.2!!!!

Thank you so much, Kristin, for a beautifully written post.  I believe anybody can be a runner, and anybody can accomplish great things!  Go out and run your hiney off!  I'm so proud of you!

Have you ever been in Kristin's situation?

What did you do?

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