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Weekly Workout Wrapup: Marathon Training Week 4


Meh.  Not Impressed.

That about sums up Week 4 of marathon training.  The good news is, Week 5 is another week.  I almost don't even want to recap this week but there were a few bright points that I want to remember.  I also want to have it all on here for when I FINISH my marathon, I can look back and remember what I went through.  

Here's how it all went down:

Monday:  30 minute elliptical and Core workout.  This workout rocked my core.  I'm pretty sure I'll be focusing on another body part next week.

Tuesday:  Rest

Wednesday:  2 miles plus 4 x 200 speed with 200 recovery in between.  My max speed was 6:38 and I was super happy about that.  I Instagrammed later that my shoes make me feel like I have Kara Goucher's stride.  Wishful thinking, but I love speedwork in these!

Thursday:  Rest

Friday:  Set out for 6 miles, made it to 2 miles.  This run warranted this post.  Nuff said.

Saturday:  12 mile long run.  My plan actually called for 11 miles but Debi from Girls Run the 901 and I were running with Breakaway and they were doing 12 miles.  I decided that I'd run 11 and if I felt good enough, I'd do the whole 12.  This run was to be my redemption run and it ended up being another mental AND physical struggle.  TMI alert!!!  Around mile 3 I had some stomach issues and we decided to stop at the visitor center at mile 4.5.  Low and behold, Aunt Flo came to visit.  Well, that cleared up my issues the day before, but the cramps and back pain made the rest of the run interesting.  Debi, the best running partner EVER, toughed it out with me, and we made it to 12 miles!  I really can't express how much I love running with Debi.  She is just the best!

Sunday:  Rest.  I wanted to do a shakeout 6 miles but honestly, the cramps and back pain are sidelining me.  I'm okay with this.

No pity parties.  I missed TWELVE MILES of running this week.  I'm not going to panic.  I'm moving on...  Thank you to AbbySueKim, and Courtney for the advice about cutting back to 4 runs per week.  I've decided to go ahead and schedule 5 runs and then leave it up to my body whether I cut back or not.

How were your workouts this week?

What do you do when you have a bad run?

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