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Weekly Workout Wrapup: Marathon Training Week 6

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This week in marathon training was a cutback week with reduced mileage.  Because of that, I was sure I'd hit all my runs.  


That would be a No.  It's okay though.  I got 3 runs in plus my cross training and strength training, and I feel good about the week.  My long run was 9 miles, and Debi and I ended up running 9.6.  I felt strong and really good during that run, and that's why I'm okay with my missed runs.  This week is a new week, a much bigger week, and I'd rather hit my runs this week.

Here's how Week 6 ended up:

Monday:  30 minute elliptical plus strength training

Tuesday:  5 trail miles with negative splits!  I had quit running trails after my stress fracture and I'm back to loving them!  I feel so free out there!

Wednesday:  2 miles plus 4 x 200 with 200 recovery in between.  

Thursday:  rest

Friday:  Unscheduled rest

Saturday:  Unscheduled rest

Sunday:  9.59 long run with Debi.  The weather was so much cooler which made for a great run.  I felt good and my legs felt strong.  Maybe 3 days of rest was good for me!

Here's where the mileage steps up!  I'm really looking forward to my long run because it will be a PDR (personal Distance record)!  Hopefully this cooler weather sticks around for a while because it makes for some super enjoyable runs!

What was your favorite run of the week?
Mine was my long run, duh.  
Do you like running trails?
I'm so happy to be back out there on the trails.  You can totally pee out there whenever you want to!


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