Weekly Workout Wrapup: Marathon Training Week 8

Ah Week 8.  

I really have mixed feelings about this week.  I missed A LOT of workouts.  And yet, I feel okay about it because there were good reasons (in my opinion).  I got to take the girls to Synagogue twice this week.  They love getting to see their friends, and it's nice to feel connected spiritually.  I also had a little twinge of something in my ankle that I felt like I needed to protect.  So it ended up being a relatively low mileage week, coming in at only 21 miles.  The good news is, my long run felt great.  I felt relatively strong as I found myself pushing it towards the end.  Good sign, right?

So here's how my week ended up:

Monday:  Unscheduled nothing (Synagogue)

Lexi and Lyla with Zayde (my father) and one of their buddies, Caitlyn

Tuesday:  3 miles + 4 x 200 with 200 recovery between (Total 4 miles)

Wednesday:  Rest

Thursday:  Unscheduled nothing (Synagogue)

Friday:  2 miles (cut short due to ankle twinge)

Saturday:  15 mile long run with Breakaway Running.  I had Debi and Kaci with me for all the fun.  They were great running partners.  I love how Debi just gets how big these long runs are for me.  She's always there for a hug to celebrate.  I have to say, this run really seemed to fly by for me.  It was a different route which really made it fun.  I was also happy to "run" into 2 other friends, Daniela and Jennifer, along the way!

Sunday:  Unscheduled Rest

While I'm okay with how things turned out this past week, I'm well aware that I need to really get on it now.  My long run this week is a cut back but I really need to hit my other runs this week.  I'm planning 2 rest days this week in order to let my ankle stay safe.  

How was your training week?

Does your local run shop have training runs?

Ice baths?  Yay or Nay?