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Weekly Workout WrapUP: Marathon Training Week 5


Although I didn't hit all 5 of my runs, I still feel like this was a great week of training.  My body has not felt this great in...well seriously I don't know how long.  I'm running with no pain except for the pain I'm exerting upon myself.  No IT band pain, no hip flexor pain, no foot pain.  

I could cry, I'm so happy.  These are the runs I had been searching for when I decided to switch back to Mizuno Running Shoes.  If you follow me on Instagram, you've probably noticed that I'm constantly giving Mizuno shoutouts.  This is why.  Pain free running is something I will never take for granted.  

And a confession:  In 5 weeks of marathon training, I have foam rolled ONCE.  Is it weird that since I haven't been foam rolling as much, my pain is going away?  I need someone to provide some input on that, stat!

Here's how my week ended up:

Monday:  30 minute elliptical sprint and Runner's World Strength Workout

Tuesday:  3 miles NAKED...no Garmin, no phone, no music.  Just peace.

Wednesday:  Unscheduled rest

Thursday:  Rest

Friday:  11.3 mile long run with Debi (included 2 trail miles).  Supposed to be 12 miles but it was cut short due to me needing to get home to get to Synagogue for Rosh Hashanah (Jewish New Year).  It was a beautiful run and I seriously enjoyed every minute of it.  I feel like I could write a whole blog post about our long runs, and maybe I will start doing that.  Suffice it to say, Debi left me with a huge runner's high and I can't wait until our next run!

Saturday:  6 mile recovery run on the Greenway.  It was hot.  And for some reason I thought running smack dab in the afternoon would be a good idea.  #dumb

Sunday:  3.3 miles speed work on the treadmill plus core work.

Next week is a cut back week for me before ramping up the miles!  My long run is only 9 miles!  It will either take place on Friday or Sunday, depending on Debi's schedule :)

How was your week?

Do you have a long run buddy?
Obviously I'm kind of obsessed with my long run buddy, Debi!

Tell me something you're looking forward to this week!
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