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One Day At A Time


I am a big fan of setting goals for myself. I love the feeling of checking off things on my to-do list. I even make little boxes by the item just so I can make a check mark.

 I realize I am weird.



If you are reading my blog, you probably find some similarities within yourself. You commonly set goals for yourselves by the week, month, or year. But have you ever thought of setting

daily goals

for yourself? Maybe you'd find it easier to check in with yourself on the reg if every night you made a goal list for the next day.

Remember, these are YOUR goals for yourself. They can be anything you want to accomplish or improve on. For example, here are my goals for tomorrow (or today depending on when you're reading this):

1.  Wake up at 5 am without hitting snooze.

2.  Leave house at 7:40 am for work.

3.  Drink at least 2 liters of water.

4.  Remember to eat 2 snacks while at work between breakfast and lunch and lunch and close.

5.  Send out emails by 5 pm.

6.  Take vitamins and fish oil.

Nothing huge or life shattering here, but these are things that I will be proud to accomplish. It's no secret, life can get chaotic, especially when we set huge goals for ourselves. I really feel like if I can set smaller daily goals for myself, I will be more likely to accomplish my bigger goals, such as running a marathon!


Do you want to join me?

Link your blog in the comments with your daily goals! Let's support each other!

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