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Road ID Review and GIVEAWAY!

Before I started MommiesRun, I never would have thought of approaching a company to ask for help.  Maybe it was fear of rejection or the unknown, but I just would not do it.  Well, when my one year blog anniversary rolled around, I wanted to give away so much stuff, but I couldn't afford to buy it all myself.  So, I mommied up, and I sent out emails to companies I loved asking for help.  

Runners ID, Cycling ID, Medical ID Tags

Road ID was one of those companies.  They responded in such a huge way and I am so thankful for their support.  Unfortunately, I didn't get to include them in my Big Giveaway, but that just means the party goes on!  

In case you are not already familiar with Road ID, here is their mission statement:

Our mission is two fold: One, to educate outdoor enthusiasts (runners, cyclists, triathletes, skiers, snow boarders, kayakers, walkers, and anyone that doesn't spend all of their time on the couch) about the importance of wearing ID. Two, to provide these athletes with innovative identification products that they will want to include as part of their gear.

You just can't beat that mission.  The company was founded by father and son team, Mike and Edward Wimmer, after Edward was almost hit by a huge truck during a long run while marathon training.  Mike used to always ask his son to carry ID with him during his runs and Edward had a similar attitude that I used to have:  "What could possibly happen to me?".  

Well a lot can happen on a run.  Ask the man here in Memphis that got attacked not once, but twice while running.  The second time was so severe that his jaw was fractured and is now wired shut to promote healing.  That man...he was my mom's boss for a long time and I used to baby sit his kids.  I FREAKING KNOW HIM.  

I'm now wearing my ID like a boss thanks to Road ID.  I can interchange the band to match my outfit (crucial), and I have 2 emergency contacts listed on it.  Not to mention my personal mantra is on it, just in case I need some motivation.

Do Not Accept Defeat

I even have a "26.2" add on just to remind myself that this journey ends in victory.  

Do you want to win a chance to ID yourself?  

Thanks to Road ID, you have a chance to win $35 to make your own ID band.  And if you don't win, please be safe and consider some form of ID for yourself.  

It happens.  The unthinkable happens.

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Disclaimer:  Road ID compensated me with product in order to review and giveaway.  As always, all opinions are my own.  

Road ID Winner!

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