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Scenes From The Weekend

Is it really already Sunday night?  Has anyone heard about when they're adding those extra hours into the day, because I've got a crap load of stuff to do, and not enough time.  

My list of stuff to do unfortunately includes running.  I really had high hopes of getting back on track with my training plan this week, but that was an #epicfail.  I ran TWICE this week.  Yeah, I'm training for a marathon, can't you tell?

My long run this week was 18 miles, and I had to split it up on Friday due to scheduling with Josh working.  Debi, being the amazing friend she is, agreed to run with me for both runs.  We met up in the morning and ran 6.5 miles (2 trail miles) around Collierville.  It was a great run, including some circles around the parking lot to end evenly.  

After that, I attempted a junior ice bath and spent some time with my girlies, who stole all my smoothie that I made.

 Before I knew it, it was time to finish the run.  I dropped the girls off at Josh's parents for a sleepover and met Debi for 11.5 more miles.  We ran this run on our typical long run route, including Wolf River and the Greenway.  It became quite an adventure as we were running in the dark along the Greenway.  Um, not my proudest moment.  I felt very guilty for putting us in that situation, even though we were fine.  Luckily, I had my iPhone and we were able to use the flashlight on that for light.  

Debi and I have been kicking butt, and our pace has been faster every week!  Once again, we ended with our fastest mile being our last mile.  Killed it.

I worked on Saturday and had a pretty good day at the pharmacy.  Debi and her family came to visit which always makes me smile.  Her little girl Sierra played in a soccer tournament this weekend and they had some time to kill so they came to see me!  How sweet is that?  The other best part of the day was when I came home to this:

This is my St. Jude Hero singlet that I get to wear for the marathon!  It is such nice quality this year and I will be so proud to run in it.  I wonder which pair of Pro Compression socks I'll wear?

I worked again today and once again, we had a good day. I'm not going to lie, I'm ready to crash, but I want to catch up on blogs of people who raced this weekend!  If you raced, please leave me a link with your recap!

I'll leave this randomness with a picture of Belle.  It's been a while, and you need to see her beauty.

QOTD:  Did you race this weekend?  If so, link up your recap so I can read all about it!

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