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Sweet Potatoes For Everyone!

I'm happy to report that I had a great progression run today, with no knee pain.  Seems like my rest day was just what I needed!  I intended to just head out for an easy 5 miles but my legs got the best of me.  When I realized each mile was getting faster, I decided to just go with it.  I'm so glad that I did.  It was a great confidence boosting run and I loved every second of it!  What is it about a great run that leaves you hungry for more?
10:55, 10:23, 10:09, 9:37, 9:49

Onto the eats and fun that made up the rest of the day.

Do you notice anything odd about my breakfast?  No milk in my cereal.  Never have, never will.  I had some cinnamon Life with a banana plus my coffee.  I've been using Almond Breeze Almond Coconut Milk in my coffee and it's amazing!  I also like to sprinkle a little pumpkin pie spice in there for a little extra flavor.  

We played outside for a long time this morning.  The weather was just perfect.  The girls blew bubbles,

posed Mommy for pictures (Lexi told me to hold my coffee and the umbrella stand),

and brought the dollhouse outside.

I snacked on an apple and some Justin's PB while the girls played.  Yes, I really do eat an apple like every day.  Favorite fruit in the house.

I needed to clean out our garden today to get it ready for the winter and I was shocked by how many sweet potatoes there were.  I really had no idea that the sweet potatoes would grow like they did.  I'm kind of feeling like I'm going to be turning orange in the next few weeks!  It's a good thing I love sweet potatoes!

For lunch I had a MorningStar Farm spicy black bean burger and a spinach salad.  I ended up cutting the burger and tossing it with the salad.  The flavors really mixed in well together.

Before my run I fueled up with Honey Stinger and Red bull.  My gardening adventure ended up being a workout in itself so I needed some energy!  My fingernail is dirty because of the gardening, not because I'm disgusting.

After my run I got started on dinner.  I had lots of peppers from the garden, which was perfect since I made these Baked Chicken Fajitas!  This is one of my favorite weekday meals because it comes together so quickly.  I cut up extra green peppers to snack on!

While the fajita stuff was baking, I made some Spanish rice and black beans.

Yum.  I ended up just making myself a plate of rice and beans with the chicken, peppers, and onion mix.  I skipped the tortillas because I'm not a huge tortilla fan.  Luckily I had a packet of guacamole in the freezer that I thawed really quickly to top my plate!  That was a super satisfying meal.  

And here are my legs while I stretched.  You're welcome.

QOTD:  Do you ever eat cereal dry?

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