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The Long Day and My Weakness

Thursdays are my long day at work.  I work 8 am to 8 pm and I am on my feet the.whole.time.  Well, except when I get a chance to pee.  Because of this I always designate Thursdays as my rest day.  I did manage to do some self massage on my hamstrings while I was at work.  I don't have a video of it, but I managed to entertain the girls with my weird antics.  I'll pretty much do anything for a laugh.  Especially during a 12 hour shift!

I didn't get to eat breakfast until around 10:30 am because we were crazy busy in the morning!  Jaclyn and I rocked it out though because that's what we do.  Have y'all tried this coconut Chobani yet?  Wow.  It is pretty amazing.  I topped it with my fake Kashi Go Lean and had my coffee in my new cup.  Josh is now working with his dad's courier service and he snagged me this mug this week!  I like to think of pee as I'm drinking out of it.

Because I ate my breakfast so late, I didn't get to have a morning snack, so I had to do up lunch.  I brought leftover pasta and I made a salad at our new salad bar!  Is it me, or do you have to eat pickles at every chance you get?  I mean pickles are weird for a salad, yet there was no way I wasn't grabbing a few.  Salad bar tip:  Use your own dressing!  Otherwise you'll weigh down your salad and it'll cost an arm and a leg!

I had an apple for a snack.  Allison totally photobombed my apple with her gross nose picking.  I made her wash her hands when she was done so that there would be no boogers in the drugs. 
 (Really kidding here.)

I had my new favorite QuestBar as another snack.  I actually ate it without heating it up and it was still amazing.  And look at my cute purple Mizuno Wave Riders peeking in the picture.  Hi Cuties!

Always keeping it real.

My girls wanted McDonald's for dinner.  Gasp!  I let them eat McDonald's.  Alert the Health and Fitness Blogger convention.  Sometimes you just have to be happy they ate at all, somebody back me up here.  (anyone?)  I had leftovers for dinner.  Yes, I ate the same meal for lunch and dinner and I'm totally ok with it.

My weakness is ice cream and frozen yogurt.  We always have ice cream in the house and I'll never change this.  As much as I admit to it being a weakness, I don't deny myself my ice cream.  Especially when it's that time of the month.  Anyway, this flavor is Ah-May-Zing.  Get it in your life now.  

Clearly I passed on my ice cream love to these two homegirls.  I'm good with this because they'll never deny me when I want fro-yo.  Best homegirls ever.  

Remember my nose-picking tech, Allison, from above?  Well she is in physical therapy after tearing her ACL.  She's an amazing soccer player, but she's on the road to recovery.  She gave me a piece of her RockTape to try, and I love all the inspirational sayings on the back.  Especially the one in the middle.  

Did you get this Runner's World quote today?  I absolutely love it.  I do feel like a better mother and pharmacist with running in my life.  Yes, it's hard balancing it all, but I'm better for it.  I'll definitely be juggling lots of balls tomorrow as I try to get 18 miles done!  

Haha, I said balls.

QOTD:  What are your feelings on pickles?  Love them hate them?  Sweet or Dill?

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