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Happy 3rd night of Chanukkah (I think I'm going for a record on how many different ways you can spell this) and Happy Black Friday!  If you went shopping, I hope you found some great deals.  And I hope you maybe even bought yourself a little something!  Tis the season of giving after all.

If there's one thing a runner is always needing, it's fuel.  I'm talking nutrition and hydration.  Now this is obviously an area of personal preference, but I want to suggest a grab bag of your runner's favorite fuel.  You could put it in a cute basket, so that he/she can grab their nutrition on the fly!  Let's pretend like you need some nutrition ideas:

Yes, I am an EnergyBits ambassador.  Yes, you can use MOMMIESRUN to get 15% off of your order of Energy Bits.  Yes, I truly believe in this product.  It's no coincidence that I've been #poweredbybits on some of my favorite runs.  The price point on these can seem expensive at first, but believe me, the price is well worth it.  I'd be happy to talk more about Energy Bits if you'd like, but for now, just trust me!

Cherry Limeade
Nuun.  I currently have no relation to Nuun, but I did apply to be an ambassador!  I drink Nuun before every run, during long runs, and after runs.  I've never been dehydrated since my love affair with Nuun began earlier this year.  All of the flavors are great, but Cherry Limeade is my absolute favorite.  I love the caffeine and it's great for long runs!

Honey Stinger Energy Chews have powered me through many long runs during this marathon training business.  Never once have they upset my stomach.  I love that they are organic and do not have any extra junk in them.  Plus they taste amazing.  Cherry Blossom is my favorite flavor, but the Orange Blossom, Fruit Smoothie, and Pomegranate Passion Fruit flavors are all fantastic.  And they are Gluten free!

Picky Bars Gluten Free Energy Bar Made of Real Food Picky Bars Sample Pack
So I haven't actually tried Picky Bars yet, but I do have a sample pack on the way.  Plus, you can get 30% off right now with code PICKY30.  I've heard such good things about these bars and they happen to be another company of Lauren Fleshman's.  I swear I'm not a stalker.  

Sierra Trail Mix

I kind of used to hate Clif Bars.  That is until I tried these new Sierra Trail Mix bars.  Holy trifecta:  Peanuts, Raisins, and Chocolate.  These fill my belly up but don't make me feel full.  Does that make sense?  Basically, I eat one daily.  

So go fill up your runner's cabinet with these goodies and watch the miles pile up!

Number 4 and 5!

Happy Thanksgivukkah!