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About Ellie (and Giveaway!)

About a month ago, I expressed some dissatisfaction with Ellie.  To recap, they sent me shorts that I already had to replace a top I had ordered that was sold out.  I guess if you are living under the blogger rock, I should recap what Ellie is all about.

Ellie started out as a completely different company known as PVbody.  They got us fashionably fit ladies to sign up for a monthly order that promised name brand tops and bottoms from companies like Lululemon.  Then they pulled what could be termed as a "bait and switch" as they became the clothing line known as Ellie.  Long story short, many bloggers and women were super pissed off and cancelled their subscriptions.  

I was not one of those bloggers.  I stuck it out because honestly, I really liked the clothes!  Every month they send an email with the new line and I get to pick 2 items for $49.95.  Without exaggerating, every item I have gotten has been amazing quality.  Several pieces are very Lululemon-esque, without the ridiculous price tag.  These items have become some of my favorite running outfits!  

So anyway, I was super disappointed that they would not only not tell me that my shirt was sold out, but switch it out with shorts I already had.  I emailed the customer service department to express my general pissed-off-ness, not expecting much to happen.  To my surprise, they emailed me back the very next day and offered to send me whatever item I would like to replace the original shirt.  They also told me to keep the shorts.  

Basically, what I'm trying to say, is that customer service goes a long way.  I will continue my subscription with Ellie because of the excellent customer service I received.  Also, because I love y'all and want to share, I'm giving away the extra pair of shorts! 

To enter to win the black shorts in the above picture (size Medium):

Leave me a comment telling me where you've received good customer service.

Bonus:  Follow me on Instagram (@mommiesruncecilia), leave me an extra comment telling me you did!

Disclaimer:  I am in no way affiliated with Ellie, except as a subscriber to their monthly Fit Fashionista program.  I am giving away a pair of Ellie shorts that were sent to me as part of my monthly subscription.  I receive no compensation from Ellie.

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