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Eight Crazy Nights, 2013!

Back by popular demand (ok not really, but just pretend like you were demanding me to do it again), it's Eight Crazy Nights, MommiesRun Style!  Basically, for the eight nights of Channukah, I'll give you some super awesome gift ideas for you or your loved ones.  Whether it's Channukah, Christmas, Kwanza, or a combination of all 3, MommiesRun has you covered!

The Believe I Am Training Journal

I know a lot of us blog as a way of keeping a training journal, but there's something so real about a hand written journal.  I had bought a running journal earlier this year and I just didn't keep up with it like I had hoped.  I intend on doing a better job of that this year, and I'm pretty sure this training journal from Believe I Am will be the journal for me.  

Believe I Am comes to you partly from Lauren Fleshman, a super cool runner chick that wrote one of my favorite blog posts ever:  Keeping It Real.  She gets what it means to be a woman and a runner, plus she truly believes in the sport.  So no doubt I'm supporting what ever she's selling.  In a non-stalkerish kind of way.  

I think this journal would be a perfect gift for YOURSELF, or your favorite running buddy.  That way he or she could write about that time that you farted really loud, or when you may or may not have peed your pants.  I imagine it would be truly inspiring to re-read your writing at the end of 2014 and see how far you have come in your training.

Race review page

There are also pages that allow you to review your races.  As someone that has failed miserably at recapping my races on my blog, this would help me get my thoughts in order better!  I am awful at forgetting the details quickly after a race.  

Big warning though, I haven't seen a 2014 journal listed yet, so be careful when ordering to make sure you don't get one for 2013!

Happy Channukah to all that celebrate!

Disclaimer:  I have nothing to do with Believe I Am.  I just think it is a great company and I support their cause.  They do not know I am writing this, nor am I being compensated in any way!  Images are from the Believe I Am website.

Happy Thanksgivukkah!

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