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Happy Thanksgivukkah!

It doesn't happen too often that Thanksgiving and Chanukkah fall at the same time, so in the age of combining names, somebody coined the term "Thanksgivukkah".  Genius.  We have had a great Thanksgiving, filled with family, friends, and food.  Oh and wine.  There was definitely wine.

Tonight's gift recommendation comes from a company that I've mentioned numerous times on MommiesRun...Oiselle.  Let's review:  Oiselle is a company founded by a runner who saw a need for fashionable women's running apparel.  Despite being fashionable, Oiselle's lines are ALWAYS comfortable and made to be sweat in.  One of my favorite things about this company is that they employ runners as models.  Real women with remarkable bodies.  This is a company that I will always back and I wish I could fill my closet with all of their clothes!

Here are a few items that I think YOU or your favorite runner might like:

This is the Bum Wrap and probably my favorite bottoms to run in.  The fit is flattering and I've never chafed in them.  If the temperature is right, I will be wearing this on December 7th for my first marathon!

I don't own this Feather Trials Hoodies but I can only imagine how soft and cozy it must be.  I'm normally not much for having a company logo across my chest, but when it's one I believe in like Oiselle, I'll proudly display it!  (Same goes for my local run shop that I wear their logo shirts!)

runfinity scarf - feather burnout

The Runfinity Scarf is currently on backorder, probably because it's super cute, but you can add your name onto a list for when it comes back in stock.  I bet it would keep you toasty warm after a 20 degree run!

I know I've shown y'all the Flyte Long Sleeve before, but I'm still pretty obsessed with it.  To me, it's just a gorgeous piece of running gear.  I WILL be buying this for myself at some point!

happy 2nd night to all those who celebrate!

And a very Happy Thanksgiving!

Disclaimer:  I am in no way affiliated with Oiselle.  I just really like the company and their clothes.  All images are from Oiselle.com.

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