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6 and 7, plus this is a NO FREAK OUT ZONE.

It's another double the pleasure, double the fun night!  It also happens to be Lexi and Lyla's FIFTH birthday, but we'll focus on that in another post.  Let's just say it's really weird how quickly five years can go by.  It's also weird that you can love two little human beings as much as I love MY human beings.  Sigh.

There's also another topic that I want to discuss tonight that hasn't gotten much attention lately.  You'll have to either read my 2 gift ideas or scroll to the bottom.  Your choice, but you don't want to miss these gift ideas.  Not that you can't find gift ideas on the other Eleventy Billion other blogs out there.  Hugs.

Night 6:

Yes that is a collection of Mizuno Running shoes.  Some of them have been retired and are used for working or running errands and such.  But nonetheless, they are some of the best running shoes ever.  Now I'm not going to use this post as a way to convince you to give away all your old running shoes (ahem kindrunner.com) and switch to Mizuno.  Nope.  I'm just recommending that you can NEVER go wrong in buying a runner new shoes.  Remember, you can't just go to the store to buy shoes for your runner.  This is a meticulous process that requires the experts, whether it's at your local run shop (Breakaway for the Memphis peeps) or online with KindRunner.  So give your runner a gift card or a ride to the run shop and get them fitted for some new shoes!  Their feet, knees, and IT bands will thank you.

Night 7:

Not going to lie.  That picture frightens me.  But a sports massage would be a great gift for your runner, especially if they have a big race coming up, or if they just ran a big race.  Sports massages are more focused to the areas of overuse as compared to a regular massage.  What a wonderful way to let your runner relax! (image from Google images)


Hey, did I tell y'all that I was running a marathon this weekend?  How did I forget?  Well this is my public proclamation of this as a NO FREAK OUT ZONE. 

 I will not freak out that the weather is forecasting an ice storm the day before the race.  

I will not freak out about the extreme coldness.

I will not freak out about feeling unprepared.

I will not freak out about the logistics.

I will not freak out about the yellow powerade on course.

I will not freak out about carb-loading.

I will smile and kick this marathon's ass, the same way the kids at St. Jude are kicking cancer's ass.  This race is about those kids.  As much as it's about me accomplishing a great goal, it's more about honoring the patients and families fighting for life every single day at St. Jude Children's Research Hospital.  

Please read the rest here...

I will be running as a St. Jude Hero, and although I've reached my fundraising goal of $500, you can still donate here.  No donation is too small.  Please consider visiting the St. Jude website to see the amazing work that goes on there.  

I'll be blogging more details in the coming days, but just remember, NO FREAK OUT ZONE!!!

Eight is Great!

Number 4 and 5!