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Eight is Great!

Tonight is the end of Hanukkah.  Just like they say, "all good things must come to an end.".  I'm really not sure who


is, but


are correct.  And this brings me to my last gift idea.  

There is nothing worse than finishing a big race without having another big race to look forward to.  Some call it the "post-race blues".  Whatever you want to call it, it's a real thing.  That's why I suggest buying your runner (or yourself), their next race entry!  Runners really need to be in some sort of constant training mode.  It just makes us happy.  

Obviously I can't tell you which race(s) to register for, because it depends on where you live and whether you want to travel.  But I can tell you the races I think sound like a great time!

Race website

It's Knoxville.  And the finish line is the 50 yard line of 

Neyland Stadium

.  'Nuff said.

Race website

I want to apply to run with 


 for HTC.  It's a dream, and one day it will come true.


Race website

The scenery on this race course looks amazing.  

Ragnar Relay Series

Race Website

I will run a relay this year.  Ragnar TN, I'm looking at you.  

Race website

Another St. Jude race!  It's a tough course supposedly but I'm all about running for those kids!

And with that, I'm out.  I hope the past eight nights have provided some interesting ideas for you or your loved ones!  Enjoy all the holidays and RUN HARD!

Time to Regroup

6 and 7, plus this is a NO FREAK OUT ZONE.