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Number 4 and 5!

My super sweet friend, Jana, kindly reminded me last night that I did not share some gift ideas yesterday.  Actually, her words were..."Ummmm waiting for night 4 CC."  I guess I'm just glad to know somebody is reading this mess :)  Love you BananaCakes!

In honor of Jana, I have 2 nights of ideas for you, and one of them is the bees knees.  Kind of like my friends.


I'm proposing giving your runner (or yourself), a night out with your friends!  There is nothing like the camaraderie (totally had to spell check that) that your best friends can provide.  They listen to you when you need to vent and they congratulate you when you bust out a new PR.  They are there for you and understand you in a completely different way than your non-running friends (not that there is anything wrong with having non-running friends).  

Go out and get dressed up in regular clothes!  Do your hair and put some make up on!  Take plenty of pictures so that your non-running friends know that you do remember how to put make up on.  Let loose and cherish your buddies.  After all, friendship is one of the greatest gifts of all!


If you are anything like me, you don't get much time for reading.  I do love that I can download books onto my iPad.  I just need to get better about reading them!  After this whole marathon shenanigan is over I will get better about it!  I do love to read about running and other runner's stories, so how about buying your runner some books!  If they are coordinated enough, they may be able to read them on the treadmill.  Or while holding a super long plank.  Or while foam rolling.  The possibilities are endless.  Here are some great running books (all images from amazon.com).

6 and 7, plus this is a NO FREAK OUT ZONE.

3 Candles.