Obligatory Year in Review Post

So you survived all of the blogger wish lists and gift guides.  Don't worry, MommiesRun totally took part in that fun herehere, and well here too.  There might have been a few more of those posts if you got to digging.  #sorryimnotsorry (maybe I'll quit the #hashtag shenanigans in 2014) (actually I doubt that)

yearofrunning 225x300 How was your year of running?

Now it's time for the 2013 year in review posts!  Miss Zippy has provided all of us a great list of questions to review how our year of running has gone.  While my year did not quite go as planned, a lot of memorable things did occur.  Because there is not really a question that lets me highlight this, I want to say that the best part of running in 2013 was the running family that I became a part of.  I became friends with the most amazing people and I feel like I truly became a part of the Memphis running community.  Our community is so large and I'm so grateful to be a part of it.  

Best race experience?  I was fortunate to run a lot of races this year and I even PR'd in quite a few of them.  Honestly, my best race experience was the race that I ran to help a friend reach a goal.  You can read more about it here.  Running is typically such a solo sport, so it's a beautiful thing to run a race for someone else.  

Best run?  I didn't have to think too much about this one.  Your surroundings and the people you are with can have such an impact on a run, so it's no surprise my best run was with Debi at Shelby Forest.  This 10 mile race is on a course affectionately known as "The Beast" due to the hills, but it is so amazingly beautiful that you can't help but fall in love with the area.