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Sunday was my first race of 2014!  I am excited to be participating again in the Winter Off Road Series which is put on by the Memphis Runners Track Club.  Just like last year, I'm missing the 3K and the 8K, but how often can you find a series of 4 races for $45???  Not to mention the proceeds go to Youth Villages, a great non-profit organization that helps emotionally and behaviorally troubled children and their families.  

So I recapped this race last year here.  I loved going back and re-reading that post because I talked about hoping to meet up with some of my now good friends from our local Moms Run This Town group.  It's crazy how close I've gotten to those girls in a year.  I also noticed a comment from Girls Run The 901, which is Debi's blog.  My how things have changed in a year!

Memphis Runners Track Club: 2014 Winter Off Road Series 5K &emdash;

Debi and I arrived super early, so that I could get my bib and shirt, and of course use the porta potties.  We ended up with a prime parking spot and NO LINE for the potties.  I highly recommend coming early if you ever want to run this race!

We also got to hang out pre-race with our travelling companions for New Orleans this weekend:  Jennifer and Daniela.  They were running in the neighborhood and came by to cheer us on.  They also acted as photographers for us which is key!

Because this is a single track trail, you need to be prepared to make some moves in order to PR.  They announced that they would use a wave start to try and alleviate some of the traffic along the trail, but I didn't really notice it happening.  We all seemed to start at the same time, which is okay because I wasn't looking for a great time since I have a marathon this weekend!

The trail was in pretty good shape with a little bit of mud here and there.  Personally, I like some mud just to make me feel legit.  I felt really strong when we started, and the first mile really seemed to fly by.  My watch lost satellite somewhere along the way, so I'm not sure of any times.  Unfortunately I noticed some pain on the inside of my right knee while going up the hills and decided to back off and take a few walk breaks.  My marathon is way more important to me, so I felt okay with the decision, even though it meant a slower time than my race last year.  You can't win them all, you know?  I ended up with a time of 37:02 which placed me 20th in my age group out of 42 ladies.

Memphis Runners Track Club: 2014 Winter Off Road Series 5K &emdash;

Memphis Runners Track Club: 2014 Winter Off Road Series 5K &emdash;

Memphis Runners Track Club: 2014 Winter Off Road Series 5K &emdash;

Memphis Runners Track Club: 2014 Winter Off Road Series 5K &emdash;

There are no aid stations at this race, so be prepared with your own hydration needs.  Since the weather is always iffy here, you never know what the temperature will be.  Today it was in the high 50's and I was cool with hydrating with Nuun before the race.  They had a great table full of snacks for after the race, including clementines, cookies, Kashi bars, Nutrigrain bars, and pretzels.

Memphis Runners Track Club: 2014 Winter Off Road Series 5K &emdash;

I felt like the runners this year were much more cognizant of their surroundings compared to last year.  I really love this race and I'd highly recommend it to anyone looking for a great trail race!  It's a beautiful trail and highly organized race.

Finally for those that are interested in this sort of thing (like I am), here is a list of what I wore:

Lululemon Bangbuster
Ellie Vibrant Fantasy Long Sleeve
Lululemon Groovy Run Shorts
PRO Compression Marathon Grey Socks
Mizuno Wave Creation 13 (old model)

And what I ate and drank:

Clif Bar (chocolate chip)
Nuun (grape)

Thank you to all of the MRTC volunteers for providing amazing support as usual.  Also thank you to the MRTC photographers who always capture great shots and allow us to use the pictures!  I am not compensated by any company or organization that I mentioned, just wanting to provide a complete review of a great race!  I am a NUUN Ambassador, but I purchased the products mentioned with my own moola.

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