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A RUN365 Wedding

Last Saturday I was lucky enough to attend the wedding of two very special people, my friends Jana and Scott.  Scott is the founder of my running group, RUN365, and Jana is one of "the mommies".  I love these two people to pieces and their wedding was absolutely perfect.  

It all started with the invitation:

Yes, that is the coolest invitation ever.  You know you are going to attend the best wedding when the invitation looks like a race bib!

The bride and groom started their wedding day with a 5k with their wedding party.  Totally normal thing to do the morning you are getting married, right?!
Image from the Charlie Reagan Memorial Run FB page
Luckily they were able to clean themselves up after their race and look super pretty.  Obviously, I'm talking about Scott because Jana doesn't need any help in looking pretty ;-)

The bridesmaids walked down the aisle to Taylor Swift's "Love Story" which just seemed so perfect.  When Jana's daughter Ryan came down the aisle, I just about lost it.  She was just so beautiful and seemed so happy.  And then the most beautiful bride ever came down the aisle.  When Jana met Scott up front they fist bumped, because that's just the way they are.  Perfect.

The ceremony was beautiful as their love of running was weaved so perfectly in everything the Pastor said.  Lexi was so excited when it was finally time for Scott to kiss his bride.  And then the "Rocky" theme came on and the newlyweds RAN down the aisle.  Maybe you are wondering how Jana ran down the aisle in a wedding dress?  Well Hoka gave Scott and Jana new pairs of shoes to wear for the wedding!  

Jana's new Hokas and Lyla squatting in the background
We all moved into the reception which was in a separate facility known as "the barn".  It was decorated so beautifully and we ate fruits, veggies, chocolate covered strawberries, cheese, and chips and cheese dip from Scott and Jana's favorite local Mexican Restaurant!  

The Starting Line

Scott and Jana used a lot of their running and race medals and bibs as decorations.  They had even  contacted Clif Bar and Gu about providing "goodies", which they both so graciously did.  There were baskets full of the bars and Gu packets, which Lexi and Lyla dug into, of course.

Hoka boxes as decoration

RUN365 shirts, medals, wedding "sponsors", and Lyla trying to snag a medal

Gu, here are your newest ambassadors ;-)

We had such a great time hanging out with so many of our RUN365 friends.  We got to see local members that we already know, and we got to meet some non-Memphians that we only know from facebook!  Lexi and Lyla thought this would be the perfect time to showcase their dancing skillz:

Yes, Lyla twerks.  But to be fair, she thinks she is "shaking her booty", so put the phones down, no need to call the authorities.  I had a couple actually stop me later in the day to tell me how entertaining she was.  That's my Lyla, making me proud!

The kids all had so much fun, but Lexi, who already LOVES Jana, was so obsessed with the bride.  I'm pretty sure Lexi thought Jana was a princess, and Jana was so kind to spend so much time with Lexi.  It seriously brought tears to my eyes to see so much love between the two.  

If there is one thing I need you to know about me, it's that I LOVE WEDDING CAKE.  Seriously, is there anything more delicious?  Thankfully, Jana's cake was absolutely delicious.  Scott's cake resembled their invitation and was so cute:

And now I'm going to amaze you with some awesome pictures, because I'm a blogger and I take a lot of pictures:

RUN365 Mommies!

Epic photobombing montage from Scott and Jay

It's rare, but Debi and I aren't in running clothes!

The most gorgeous bride and an amazing friend!

Dancing with my mini-me

Mr. and Mrs. Stader...I wish y'all a lifetime of happiness, races, and PR's!

It's Me!

The Best Surprise. Ever.