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The weekend I'll never forget began bright and early on Saturday, February 1st. Debi, Jennifer, and Daniela were meeting at my house at 5:45 am so that we could be on the road by around 6 am. This meant I had a wake up call at 4 am in order to shower, make myself pretty, and pack up the rest of my crap stuff.

We stuffed my Tahoe to the limits and we were off! I think we ended up stopping three times on the way down there thanks to our hydration plans. It was also crucial to stretch our legs since it ended up taking about 6 hours. The drive was super easy and we ended up making great time as we pulled into the Expo parking lot.

@RunRocknRoll actually tweeted a picture of my car!
We split up at the expo and Debi and I were off to pick up our packets and do a little shopping. Unfortunately, none of the companies I was hoping to see were there (PRO Compression, Nuun, and Sparkle Athletics). We saw some super cute headbands that were incredibly tempting, but I limited myself to a 26.2 magnet and shirt (tragic as you'll see soon). Debi and I both snagged a cute Moving Comfort bra on sale! I've never tried this brand since I can normally get by with cheap target brand sports bras since I'm teeny tiny in that area. It is so incredibly comfortable! We also saw Jackson from The Biggest Loser Season 14. I was so excited because I really loved his journey. He was so sweet and I'm so glad I got to meet him!

The expo was a little disappointing in all honesty. I guess it's partly because I've developed loyalty to certain brands. This isn't a bad thing at all, it just means I need to lower expectations when those companies aren't present. There was also ZERO food and Debi and I were ravenous! We met back up with Jennifer and Daniela and devoured some pizza in the lobby at the convention center.

Since we had dinner reservations, we left and went to check into our hotel, the Wyndham Whitney. The hotel was very nice and clean, although the customer service was lacking big time. I know I'm picky about customer service due to being in a customer service profession, but I was not the only one who noticed. Nonetheless, our room was perfect for what we needed it for. The starting line for the race was literally right out the door! Plus, there was a treadmill so that I could quickly knock out my run for #heroesrun365!

We got ready quickly and I mapped our route to the Louisiana Pizza Kitchen. It was only 1.5 miles away so we hustled to meet our dinner companions, Abby, Mindy, Holly, Sarah,and Larisa and her crew. I'm not going to lie, I was nervous as we approached our group. After talking to them online for so long now, what if they didn't like me for some reason? I'm normally not like that, but I really admire all of these women!

Luckily, it felt like a reunion of sorts and hugs were exchanged along with the biggest surprise of my life.  The surprise was so epic that I have to dedicate a whole post to it!  If you follow me on social media, you probably already know about it, so just keep it to yourself ;-)

Sarah spoiled us with Tommie Copper capris and shirts! I've never tried their stuff but wow! The material is so soft and comfortable. Larisa also gave us a Rock n Roll shirt and Holly brought us shirts with our blog names on it. I hate that I didn't have anything to share except my winning smile and personality (jk).

I'll be discussing the food tomorrow for a special WIAW post but I'll just say it was delicious! We said goodbye to Larisa and then the other girls walked us back to our hotel so that Sarah could borrow a top for the race.

Photo via Mindy
And then it was time to hit the sack so we could get some rest before the big race! Stay tuned for WIAW #RnRNOLA, Part 2: The Race, Part 3:  #HotMessExpress, and The Best Surprise Ever.

P.S.  I didn't watermark these pictures so be a doll and don't steal them, thanks.


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