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The Best Surprise. Ever.

I think this is going to be my last #RnRNOLA post, even though I had intended on one more after this.   You can read Part 1, Part 2, and WIAW if you want a recap! Let's just say that Debi, Dani, Abby, Sarah, and I did Bourbon Street proud:

Drinks were drunk.  

Random red beans and rice were eaten.  

Mechanical Bulls were ridden (not me).  

Memories were made.

Bourbon Street
Stolen from Abby @ Back At Square Zero
It's no secret that I love Mizuno Running Shoes. I have a ridiculous amount of their shoes, although they all serve a purpose that I'll be discussing soon. These shoes have kept me injury free and they feel amazing. When I became more serious about running, Mizuno was the brand I went for. In all honesty, this was based on looks alone. Nonetheless, they worked. I then took a brief detour to another brand. That was until I started following Abby and realizing how much I missed my Mizunos. As an ambassador for Mizuno, Abby was always shouting her love from Mizuno from every edge of the internets. I'm easily persuaded, but Abby is the perfect Mizuno Ambassador, and so I went back to my first love, and now I'm never looking back. Abby and I became close thanks in part to our Mizuno obsession and we even discussed taking pictures of our Wave Riders together in NOLA.

Abby in the Sugar Coral and Me in the Dark Slate

When I finally got to meet up with Abby in NOLA, she had a huge surprise for me:

The new Wave Creation 15
She had contacted Mizuno and told them about my love for their company, my crazy marathon cancellation, and my (what would be disastrous) redirected training for the RnRNola marathon. Mizuno, being the most amazing, inspiring, runner dedicated company that they are, decided to send me a pair of the coveted Wave Creation 15s, my favorite long run shoe.

Cecilia shoes
I stole this from Abby who got it from Sarah!  That guy behind me was clearly jealous of my shoes!

It was apparently a slightly chaotic adventure trying to find out my shoe size, but Debi came through for Abby. Then Mizuno overnighted the shoes so that Abby could deliver them in person. And that's how I received the best surprise ever.

They also sent the coolest back pack ever that I'll review along with the shoes in a separate post.

While I can't think of a single runner that wouldn't love that kind of surprise, it was the thought that meant the most to me.  I'm not a speedy runner and I'm still a "baby blogger", but to think that a blogger (now a friend) that I admire so much, would want to give me such an amazing gift, well I was speechless.  Abby was so excited to play "Mizuno Fairy" which goes to show what a special friend she is.  

And let's not forget Mizuno!  There are not a lot of companies that gift average runners like myself with one of the more expensive shoes in their line.  I was already obsessed before, but now there's no holding me back.  You'll see me hashtag Mizuno until the day I hang up my running shoes (hopefully not until I'm old and needing special assistance to cross finish lines).  

Abby wrote such a sweet post about getting to be my very own Mizuno Fairy, and I hope you will all take the time to stop by her blog to read it!  I'm forever thankful for this amazing gift, especially since every time I wear them, I get to think about Abby and our wonderful time in New Orleans!

Thank you Abby, and thank you Mizuno for giving me the shoes to take me on a Mezamashii run.

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