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Hopefully you all read Part 1 of my New Orleans recap yesterday! I tried organizing my thoughts and concluded that I would definitely have to give the food it's own post. Then I saw Sarah post her WIAW last week and here we are.

Pizza is one of my favorite pre-race meals, so when Holly suggested we make reservations at Louisiana Pizza Kitchen for Friday night, I was pumped. We met up with the girls and apparently there was a mix up with our reservations, even though Holly had confirmed a few days before. They still got us in and sat pretty quickly, especially for a big party like we had. Larisa is an old pro at Louisiana Pizza Kitchen so she had great suggestions for all of us. I decided to be basic and had the Margherita pizza. I also had to have an Abita Purple Haze since we were in New Orleans and it is a Louisiana brewing company.

The pizza was so delicious. It was on a flat bread crust so you could eat a lot of it. The tomatoes and basil were so incredibly fresh. There were also some specialty oils on the table that Larisa recommended for us to dip the pizza in. Holy moly, that took the pizza to a whole other level. I was so pleased with my pizza and everyone else really seemed to enjoy their meals.

The morning of the race I had a typical pre-long run meal for me: a whole wheat bagel with peanut butter, a banana, some coffee, and some Nuun. I didn't snag a picture of my bagel because I ate it pretty quickly!
via Daniela
Sunday night we had reservations with all the girls again, thanks to Holly. We ended up at Red Fish Grill which is apparently pretty popular in New Orleans (and for good reason). I definitely enjoyed my girly drink, the Ruby Royal (I think that was the name) which was made with grapefruit juice and some alcohol.  Wow, you'd think I had 10 of them based on that description.  I got the RFG House Salad to start and it was fantastic. The stilton cheese was new for me and although it was some sort of blue cheese, which I normally don't like, I enjoyed it.  There were also roasted pecans and an apple vinegrette which was amazing.  I HAD to try their signature dish for my dinner:  the Hickory Grilled Redfish.  The fish was mild but with a great flavor and it was topped with lump crab meat.  The redfish was on a bed of potatoes that were the perfect accompaniment.  I pretty much cleared my plate.  I can't say enough good things about Red Fish Grill!

Despite a delay due to the valet being MIA, we were able to drive by Cafe Du Monde on the way out on Monday morning.  I ended up just dropping Debi, Daniela, and Jennifer off so they could run in to grab beignets and their famous cafe au lait.  Since I was driving, I didn't get to take a picture of heaven on earth, so here is a picture I stole from Google images:

As a lover of food, New Orleans is a great city for me to visit.  As much as I loved New Orleans, I could never live there because I would weigh 6000 pounds.  I can't recommend the restaurants we ate at enough.  The service and food were all top notch!

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