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#HeatItUp Instagram Challenge

Down south the sun is shining, the birds are chirping, and the sweat is dripping. Hopefully the same applies to wherever you are! My friends, Team #HotMessExpress as we have affectionately dubbed ourselves, and I are excited about Spring, and we want to see how you will #HeatItUp in April.

Join us in a super fun Instagram challenge following these daily cues:

New to an Instagram challenge? It's easy! Just post a daily pic using the cue as guidance. Make sure and use the hashtag, #HeatItUp, so we can find you, and also make sure and follow me and all of my #HotMessExpress friends.  Each link will take you to our Instagram page, so all you have to do is hit follow!

Abby @ Backatsquare0
Debi @ GirlsRunThe901
Dani @ WeightOffMyShoulders
Cecilia @ MommiesRun
Sarah @ MomRunningOnEmpty
Mindy @ RoadRunnerGirl
Holly @ RunningAndBakingOhMy

Let's get ready to #HeatItUp!!!  Comment if you'll be joining us for some Instagram fun!

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