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Mizuno Wave Creation 15 Review

A couple weeks ago, I told y'all about the best surprise ever, a pair of Mizuno Wave Creation 15's that Mizuno provided Abby from Back At Square Zero to gift me.  

I've been doing my long runs in Wave Creations for a while now.  I love the extra cushion and support that they provide to carry me through the miles.  I started with the Wave Creation 13 which I absolutely loved.  The shoe was sturdy and lasted me for a few hundred miles.  The only way I knew it was time to retire the shoe was when my IT band started to talk to me.  And let's face it, the orange suited me nicely.

I found the Wave Creation 14 online for a great deal and ordered them last fall in the midst of marathon training.  Immediately, my IT band issues seemed to disappear.  I did find that these shoes seemed to take me a little longer to break in than the 13's, but they were a great update to an already great shoe.

When Abby became my Mizuno Fairy, I was not in need of a new pair of shoes.  My inital thought was that I would save these shoes for when the 14's gave out.  But let's be honest, you can't give a Mizuno Addict a pair of shoes and expect her to let them sit.  So I tried them first on the treadmill for a couple easy miles.  I was instantly blown away by how much lighter they felt than the previous model.  I also noticed that they seemed like they needed no "breaking in" period.  These babies were ready to run!

I took them out for an easy 3 miler and ended up running my fastest 5k (not a race so I won't call it a PR).  I could not help but be amazed at how light my feet felt.  Like I was flying through my neighborhood.  In that instant, I knew I could not keep these shoes in the box.  I retired my 13's, which had become my work shoes, to errand shoes, and my 14's became my work shoes (got it?).

Side note:  As a pharmacist I stand for 12 hours at a time, and the Wave Creations are the perfect shoe for this.  My feet feel great at the end of my shift and I am in no hurry to kick off my shoes when I get home!

Finally, I took the 15's on a 6 mile run last Sunday with Debi.  I was in awe as my shoes felt like they were an extension of me.  They were perfect.  I was even moved to blurt out, "I love these shoes.".  To be fair, I love all my Mizunos, but these shoes are perfection to me.  I want to run forever in them.  The 15's give me a confidence, a confidence that I will run healthy and brilliantly.

We all know that we can't choose shoes based on looks, but the Wave Creation 15 is a work of art.  The new design is definitely eye-catching with the tye-dye like appearance.  A big appearance change in the 15's is the movement of Mizuno's signature Runbird design to the rear side of the shoe.  The material used for the upper is super soft and instantly noticeable as I slipped my foot into the shoe.  I also love how cushioned the tongue is, providing extra comfort for long runs.

I'm not going to bore you with all of the technical details regarding the Wave Creation 15's.  Please visit the Mizuno website if you are interested in that kind of thing.  Also, please check out Abby's review.  She is a Mizuno Ambassador and would be a great resource if any of you are interested in switching to Mizuno (what are you waiting for?).

I am forever grateful to Abby and Mizuno for gifting me these shoes!  I can not recommend them enough to anyone who wears a neutral shoe and craves comfort and a smooth ride.  

P.S. Some new spring-y colors are coming out if you're into that sort of thing, which I totally am.  Would it be ridiculous to stock pile this shoe?????  (images from here)
Women's Mizuno Wave Creation 15 Running Shoes
Women's Mizuno Wave Creation 15 Running Shoes

Disclaimer:  I was provided the Wave Creation 15's by Mizuno after a request by Abby.  I was not required or requested to write a review, but I want the world to wear Mizunos and therefore I decided to write a review.  All opinions are, as always, my own.

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