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As of today, I have been streaking for EIGHTY-FOUR days.  You know how somebody smart said that you can't train for a marathon and not have it change you?  Well the same can be said for streaking.  I still have a long way to go until I hit 365, but I've learned so much about myself in the past EIGHTY days.  I also keep thinking that I don't know if I can ever stop streaking now.  There is absolutely nothing like coming home from an atrocious day of work, knowing that I get at least one mile to clear my head.

I've gotten a lot of questions about my streak so I thought I'd take the opportunity to answer them!  If you have any questions, please ask.  You can comment here, or email me at MommiesRun@gmail.com

Are there days you don't want to run?
Definitely.  But I've never finished a run and regretted it.  I remind myself WHY I am doing this and then I do it.  Speaking of...

Why are you streaking?
For a longer explanation, you can click here.  Short story, I am streaking to raise money for St. Jude.  I plan to run the St. Jude Marathon as a Hero in December, and I will AT LEAST match my streaking mileage in fundraising.

You walk so much at work...Can't that count for your mileage for the day?
Absolutely not.  This isn't #HeroesWALK365.  These are dedicated miles.  Miles that allow me to reflect on my day, my life, and the greater good.  My streak = My rules.

But aren't you tired?
Not any more tired than I would be anyway.  In fact, my running has improved tremendously since I've been streaking!  I can feel myself running stronger and I can also see my pace getting faster.  I have been consistently running in the 9:xx range lately and I've even had some 8:xx creeping in too!

Why do you "dress up" just to run on the treadmill?
I love running clothes and it makes me feel good to wear cute clothes while I run.  I wear scrubs to work so it feels good to throw on a cute top and shorts and knock out a run.  Maybe I'm ridiculous.  Maybe I just like the motivation that a cute running outfit provides me.

Do you really need all of those pairs of Mizuno running shoes?
Stay tuned for a dedicated post to this topic, but in a word...YES.  So I may be a bit addicted, but I can't help but think that rotating shoes has helped me stay injury free.  (SERIOUSLY KNOCK ON WOOD).

Do you have any questions you'd like for me to address in my next update? Please ask me ANYTHING. I love being a streaker and I want to help you be one too!  Big props to all of my friends that are also still streaking!  It's not always easy, but it's totally worth it!

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