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Germantown Half Race Recap

In true MommiesRun fashion, I'm a little late on my recap of the Germantown Half.  This makes total sense because I was almost late to the starting line too!  So without further ado, here is my race review (dope rhymez yo).

I kind of decided at the last minute to run this race.  In fact, I was almost guilted into it by my friend Jana as she reminded me that this was the race where we met last year.  I was in a boot, volunteering at packet pickup when I busted out the creeper card and said, "Hey is your name Jana?".  And the rest is history.  It made complete sense to run this race with her and her new hubby, Scott, since we were all untrained.

I headed over to packet pickup on Friday night with Lexi and Lyla because we were meeting several friends for dinner.  Packet pickup was a cinch, and we were in and out in no time.  We then headed over to Ciao Baby to carb up with my RUN365 buddies.  I had the White Pizza which was excellent.  I also dished out lots of Nuun Energy to my friends so they could #getelectrolit.  The night was still young, so we all headed to the frozen yogurt place next door because it would be illegal not to. 

Of course I still had a mile to run when I got home!  That gave me a good opportunity to test out a new water bottle that I wanted to use for the race.

Morning came super early and we all woke up to rain.  I really didn't mind because I figured that would help keep us cool since it was a little on the warm side.  I downed some coffee and toast with peanut butter and got dressed without doing my bathroom business (no shame).  I hated that, but I was running late so I would have to deal with it.  I ended up having to park pretty far away and basically ran through wet grass to catch up with Jana and Scott before the start.  This was not smart as you will soon see.  But I made it in time and we headed to the start line at 7:30 am.

This course is notorious for being hilly and having little to no crowd support.  I was actually pleasantly surprised with how well I handled the hills especially the big one at the beginning of the race. 

Our pace in the first five miles was perfect for me to possibly PR.  My water bottle was great for me to stay hydrated with Nuun, a huge concern after Rock N Roll NOLA.  I think around mile five my lack of training (longest run since February 2nd was a 10k!), hit me and I stopped to eat some Honey Stinger chews.  I told Jana and Scott to go ahead because Jana had promised me she would leave me if needed.  Apparently she read my text wrong, or was just being stubborn, because they stuck around my slow poke butt :)  

We started to pick back up in pace after I fueled up and I was so excited to hit the best water stop ever!  I didn't get a picture with the best volunteers, but Debi and her sweet daughter Sierra were there passing out water like champs!  It was so great to see their smiling faces although I wished that Debi was getting to run with us.  

Not long after that, I think around mile 8-9, the wet feet and shoes became a real issue.  I could feel what I thought was a huge blister forming on the bottom of my foot and in between my toes.  At first I thought I could block out the pain, but it hurt. Bad.  Every step became pure agony and I realized I was changing my gait.  This worried me because I didn't want a simple blister to cause a bigger injury.  

We started doing some intervals that we joked were like fartleks because I was keeping some crackhead pace while I was running.  And then I'd walk and moan and groan and whine.  And then I'd run and make sure this one high school kid did not pass us.  And then I'd walk.  It was a crazy process but I could not wait to take off my shoe and inspect the damage.  

We soon rounded a corner and saw our final hill towards the finish.  Ending a race on a hill is kind of douche move, but I busted out some speed on that last hill and sprinted for the finish.  We crossed the finish line with a time of 2:25:40.  Exactly one minute more than my PR of 2:24:40.  I'll take it.  

Later on in the day I got kind of bummed because I could have PR'd.  I wasn't trained and yet I was able to run pretty damn close to the same pace I ran a year ago after a great training cycle.  It feels like I have some bad race luck here lately.  What gives?

Instead of whining about what could have been, I decided to focus on the fact that I got to run with two amazing friends!  Scott and Jana are such good people and I love getting to run with them.  They are also amazing runners and very inspirational for me.  I couldn't help but smile when I looked at them at one point and they were holding hands while running.  If that's not #runlove, I don't know what is!

Final Thoughts:  I had to DNS this race last year due to my stress fracture so this was my first year running it.  While the course is challenging, I really enjoyed it.  Yes, the crowd support is limited, but I'm not sure that I need lots of crowd support.  It is a very well organized race and being local, I can not imagine not running this race every year.  I would highly encourage out of towners to come run!  

What I wore:

I'm going to end this with a picture of my blister.  Consider this your warning :)

Have you ever gotten a blister before?  This was my first.

Have you ever been late for a race?  Have you met me?

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