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Keep America Beautiful Month

Did you know that April is Keep America Beautiful Month?  Me neither, that is until the good people at Dropcam e-mailed me asking to share my beautiful slice of America!  Previously, I shared a little bit of my cute suburb of Memphis where we live, but for this campaign, I want to share one of my favorite running routes!

In Collierville, we have a great greenway system that connects parks and provides miles and miles of running. It is easy to plan a short run of 5 miles, or even a long run of 12 or more miles.  My favorite route even includes trails and a boardwalk, where you'll often see friendly people walking their dogs, relaxing, or even chilling in a hammock!

Whenever I run this route, I know I will get a good relaxing run out of it.  It is not a super challenging route, but it is filled with so much beauty.  Running here, you will often find yourself being watched by friendly deer and other wildlife inhabitants.  There have been times when I just have to stop to watch the rolling river.  That calming sound of the water is so relaxing!

The trail is my favorite part of this route.  Every time I run in there, I am overwhelmed by the height of the trees, knowing that they have been there much longer than I have.  Yet I feel welcome in their home, never threatened nor out of place.  In these moments, I am aware that as humans we are meant to coexist in nature, not destroy it.

I hope you are as lucky as me to have a beautiful slice of America in your hometown!  I'd love to hear about it, so please share!

Special thank you to Debi for being my photographer during this particular run!

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