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My New Favorite Running App.

A few weeks ago, I was contacted by Rock My Run to try out their app.  Since I run, and I rock, I figured it sounded like a good fit!  While I don't listen to music when I'm running with friends, I do LOVE listening to music when I'm running solo.  A lot of times, I don't even remember what songs I listened to, I just know that I'm rocking out.  

What Is Rock My Run?
RockMyRun provides promotional running mixes, designed by professional DJs, that will increase the enjoyment and performance of a runner’s workout or race.
That's what the peeps behind the app have to say.  In my opinion, it is so much more!  Rock My Run is a customizable PARTY for your run!

How does it work?

When you open up the app (iPhone or Android), you find several options on how to customize your playlist.  You can search by DJ, song, mix name, or artist.  Or you can filter the mixes by genre, beats per minute, length, or lyrics.  Your app will also save mixes that you've listened to before.  So if you PR'd with a certain mix and want to do it again, it's there for you!

One of the coolest features:  the last 15 minutes of most mixes will be higher energy to help push you to finish strong!  Also, there is no gap in between songs, meaning the mixes flow together perfectly.  And if you are music ADD like me, then you'll appreciate the use of snippets of songs.  The genres of mixes are aplenty, including country, pop, rock, rap, house, Latin, and Christian.  So basically the possibilities are endless.

Some of my favorite mixes are:

The Comeback
Rock It Science
Feel the Magic
Awesome 80's Rockin Playlist
For Those About to Run

Each mix also has a good description so that you know what you'll be listening to before you start:

Why do you need Rock My Run?

Because the playlists are totally in tune to what a runner needs!  You can really tell the effort that was put into creating these mixes.  One of my favorite mixes was even inspired by a Runner's World article about upbeat songs!  Plus, you can still skip tracks that you might not be loving at the moment.

Who needs Rock My Run?

You do!  While you can get the app for absolutely nothing, I do recommend the upgrade to the premium version for only $2.99 a month.  You'll be able to listen to longer mixes and there are no ads in the premium version.  I intend to continue my subscription after my free month is up because I truly enjoyed this app, and I think you will too!

Do you still want more info?  Visit Rock My Run at the following internetz locationz:

Website:  Rock My Run
Twitter:  @rockmyrun
Instagram:  @rockmyrun

Disclaimer:  I was provided one month of premium membership to Rock My Run in exchange for a review.  All opinions or my own, as always.  

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